Saturday, 30 June 2012

A friend

I took a photo of my best friend in the whole world. He has been by my side for over 30 years. We started out as good friends and then along came marriage, children and grand children. Life has been full and very rewarding. I came even closer to my best friend when I lost both of my parents in the last few years. In saying that, here is the pic.....Dot

Friday, 29 June 2012


Hi there friends and family. Trust your weekend is off to a good start. It is raining here today. I was able to get out for a little walk to do a few things about town though.

I recently sent off a soft pair of overalls I knitted for my grand daughter for her birthday. I hope one day in the future to hold her close while she is wearing them and enjoy all that softness.

I have been wearing my new knee high socks to bed this week. They were given to me for my birthday. I love them; they are SO soft and warm.

Dotty socks for Dot

Thursday, 28 June 2012

On the shelf

I am happy to share the picture of the shelf below. I popped down town today and bought some chemical free fruit and vegies which has made my pantry shelf and fridge well stocked. It's a good feeling to have fresh produce to make meals from scratch. Trust all is well in your little corner of the world......Dot

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


In asking to share pics of my bathroom, which is in fact an ensuite, it was hard to get a good picture as the room is only small. It is compact but the two of us can usually go about our business without being in anyones way. I decided to take shots of a few things that are important in my bathroom that I cannot do without.

No 1.

My skincare. My favourite would have to be hand cream which I use twice a day. Its smells divine.

No 2.

I love to use nice soap, especially handmade. The ones on the right were happily received from my family in WA on my recent birthday.

No 3.

The scales: to keep me updated

The bin: a necessity in keeping our small space clean and tidy.

My slippers: A must every morning to keep feet warm. This morning the temperature was 1.6 degrees.

Of course there are other things I cannot do without in my bathroom, but I think that will do.

Until tomorrow, keep warm and happy.....Dot

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Where you shop

This topic will be different for everyone I am sure. When I think about it, to get supplies for our home I can shop online, up the coast as well as locally. The bulk of our shopping is done at .....

....where at the moment at the checkout you are presented with these beautiful fruit stickers. Local schools are going to be in for some great treats when this program has run its course.

I love to get fresh local produce when I can and every fortnight a chemical-free fruit & veggie wagon pulls up in town and it is kept busy for hours selling their wares. They are due this week and so I have commenced a list and using up my current supplies into smoothies and yummy hot soups.

bye for now.....Dot

Monday, 25 June 2012

Something cute

Hello. Most days when I start to think about what to write on my blog, inspiration and ideas soon start coming. I have got my lovely family and beautiful surroundings that I have been blessed with to thank for that. Today my girls were home on their days off and we enjoyed hanging out doing things together. My daughter cooked tea and I helped her make fettucine which she cooked up into a tuna dish. We all loved it and decided to note on the recipe to serve up to 6 next time as it was a big serving but we got through it. Toward evening I like to light candles and over the weekend while cleaning up I came across a candle I had forgotten about, so I placed it back down on the kitchen servery.

The base is a pale mint green which matches the kitchen. In the course of an evening it uses up one tealight.
I have had some help to clean up the kitchen tonight and now we are about to watch a comical movie. Not sure what it is until it fires up; its always left to be a surprise with little info. Good way to go.
Hope you have found something cute in your day today.....Dot

Sunday, 24 June 2012

On your mind

It's Sunday today and we attended church. We have a lot on our minds now as the young motivational speaker challenged us in many areas of our lives. To find out for yourself you can visit
After coming home for lunch we went back down to church to attend the music workshop where we learnt 2 new songs and had a great time jamming together. This afternoon we have spent time skyping our family in WA. It was good the catch up with them all and find out what each other has been up to.
I have had an old recipe put aside this week to find a spot to cook it and today I pulled it out and cooked it to tack on to the end of dinner to make a total of 3 courses (used up leftovers). The recipe....

Jam Roly Poly

I served it up with cream, next time I will serve the leftovers with hot custard.

Hubby and I are going out again soon, must go and clean up.....Dot

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Well today the girls were at work and hubby and I were very productive about the house especially in the office doing admin and general tidying up. So there was movement everywhere, even out in the backyard where trees are still being taken down. One major job that needed doing was this....

...fridge maintenance. Hubby assures me now that he has removed the back and cleaned out all the dust etc (which he reminded me he loves to do) that the unit will run much better. Trust your weekend is going well so far....until tomorrow....Dot

Friday, 22 June 2012

From a high angle

At lunch time today I thought about my blog and what to do. Didn't have to think long, I hopped up onto my chair and waited till hubby took a sip of his coffee and 'click'. He is surrounded by things, oh well. The sun has been out here most of today, some heavy short showers this afternoon, now sun is going down behind some clouds and the tree fallers are still hard at it. Friday is always a busy day here and I look forward to the weekend. Hope you have a great weekend too......Dot

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where you slept

This is where I slept last night. I woke at 4am, then dozed until the alarm went off at 6.30. I got straight up as I had to head up the coast to get my car serviced. All our cars had to be out of our drive by 8 as the tree guys were coming, so that helped my off to an early start. Had a good but eventful day.

Feeling tired and looking forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight....Dot

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Imperfect/Fave photo you've ever taken

First of all folk, BIG apologies, as the internet was down here yesterday and oh how we realised how much we use it. While using the computer, I don't know how many times I clicked on something while reading a downloaded document only to find it came to a halt very quickly. Then our printer would not work, so a quick list had to me made of what to do today when all was resurrected. I took some photos yesterday. The tree-fallers make a huge start, weather is too windy today for them to return, but they will be here again tomorrow. We already have a great view here, but we are fast becoming a beacon on the hill.

These are the trees that are going to be removed. The biggest tree is not shown in this pic, it is around the corner and shown below.

There's the big tree outside our window and limbs are being chainsawed off. One of our neighbours was trying to sleep as she was on night shift, said a little prayer for her.

Bit more missing. The limbs were quite large and I found myself a bit nervous everytime one hit the ground.

Not long now and this tumbled to the ground. I could not look!!! When the guys had left for the day, we all had a peek out back and were shocked.

See you tomorrow.....Dot

Monday, 18 June 2012

Something we don't know about you

Hi there, there are a few things that you might like to know about my day today:

·I did not take any photos

·It was confirmed the tree removalists are coming tomorrow at 8am.

·All went well with relocating the 5 vehicles from our yard, thanks to neighbours and family.

·I found Billy (our backyard neighbours goat) tied up and enjoying pasture in amongst the trees that are going to be removed tomorrow. I could not raise the neighbour but when I made a dash downtown to get mail and few things from supermarket, there was my neighbour at the checkout. Later today he was back in his yard. He can come back when it is safer.

·I used bullets on my blog.....Dot :-)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

In your bag

We were out and about today. Needed the coat to keep warm out in the cold. In my bag you can see my water bottle and wallet. The car keys are there in the pocket. My daughter chauffered me in my car today. Hope you are having a great weekend.....Dot

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Out and about

Through the night and most of today it has been continually raining. We are all thankful here as it is going into the tank. All the family are home today and we have been busy indoors doing our own thing or helping out another with something. The rain stopped about mid afternoon so I was able to go out and feed the dog, hang some clothes in the shed and takes some pics.

Check it out!!! The needle is rising. You can see the sun peeking through the trees. It was quite pleasant outside even though it is cold and very wet it has its beauty.

And yes, this is our way of proving the water is going into the tank.

Trust you are enjoying your weekend and are able to get out and about.....Dot

Friday, 15 June 2012


Welcome to another day!! Yellow has not always been my favourite colour, but it does go well with other colours. I am a patchworker and over the years I have seen some lovely fabric with yellow in combination with other colours. I did not have to wander far today to find some yellow to take a piccy of.

In our dining room I have set up a little table and chairs for the little ones that come into our home (although there has been the odd parent that gets invited too to take a seat; bit of a squeeze). This set was given to me as a child. It was a different colour then and it is very well built, solid. I have made a note to hunt up a photo of 'way back' and hope to add to this blog.

Have a great weekend......Dot

Thursday, 14 June 2012


A few weeks ago we found our water tank to be empty and were surprised because we had had quite a lot of rain and it should have been full, but it was blocked. We switched over to town water, hubby fixed the tank, and we have been waiting to have a good rain......wait for it!!!!

At 4.25pm or thereabouts, it started to pour with rain. For the last 1/2 hour it has been constant PTL. I have had a text from my daughter at work asking if the water was going into the tank. I had already checked and it was 'yeah, ok'. We are all excited and keen to have the tank full.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

I have closed the curtains, lit a candle, turned some lights on and settling in for the night enjoying the rain. MMMM, good.......Dot

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


When I thought of art I thought of the meals I plate up for the family but because I love to cook there is sure to be pictures always popping up on here with recipes included so I diverted my thoughts to what else I put my hands to.

Past, present and future art.
In the past I have made both my husband and myself a quillow. Mine is on the back of the chair, his is folded underneath. The quillows are rarely folded into a pillow but often used in the evening to snuggle under in front of a movie with our feet in the pocket. The purple teapot cover is used to keep our pot of green tea warm, and it works very well. Presently I am knitting myself a new jumper and have a circular needle in place to knit the neckband. Presently also, I am crotcheting dish cloths. I gave some knitted ones to my mother-in-law for Mothers Day and she loves them. The plan for the future is keep making some more to give away for gifts. I make them with bamboo cotton and they are very soft.

Future plans too are getting more UFO's done................Dot

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From a low angle

Because we live in a two-storey home the options were many for taking a shot down low. I decided the bottom of our spiral staircase would be the place (I did not want to venture outside). My daughter has been busy cleaning her room downstairs and I asked her to pop up on the balcony to pose for my photo. It was very sunny in the foyer and lovely to work in.

Must go and enjoy some more sun before it goes for the day.....................Dot!!

Monday, 11 June 2012


This is the door to our garden shed. It stays locked until it needs to be used which happened to be a couple of times this week. On Tuesday I planted some spinach and pea seeds in beds in my vegetable garden which I prepared last month. Today I needed to get my gumboots from the shed to take fishing. We walk 10 mins across sand and water to get to our fishing spot, so it requires wearing gumboots. We only had a few bites today, but it was a good outing. On leaving we got to see 2 guys heading out on their kite boards.

Food for thought: In the bible in Luke Chapter 13 verse 24 Jesus says, "Work hard to enter the narrow door to God's Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail...."

Until tomorrow, sleep well, keep happy....Dot

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Best bits of weekend

It's now Sunday evening and time to look back over the weekend and list the best things. Saturday I had a little list prepared for my hubby and he completed them all. He was happy they were little jobs that could easily be accomplished in a short time. Daughter was happy to have a nice hook hung on her wall inside her bedroom door to hang her dressing gown.
Sundays are very relaxing. We attend church from 10.30 until lunch time. After lunch we went for a drive as the day was absolutely gorgeous. On our drive we called into our parent's farm.

Hardly a breath of wind, sun out, but cold. It is Winter!!!

This pic was taken while we were enjoying a coffee and scones. Folk were fishing, jet skiing, and out in speed boats. It was very entertaining to watch for about an hour.
Tomorrow is a holiday here, plan to go fishing!!! Trust your day has been a good one.....Dot

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Your view today

Today after a lie in, crepes for breakfast (set menu for Saturdays), shower etc, hubby and I went down to the local esplanade for a friend's birthday barbecue. When we arrived I took this shot from where I stood near the barbecue.

Another beautiful day for winter. We are expecting some rain next week.
A few hours later when I arrived home (which is on the hill in the above photo), I took this pic from our dining room window.

I like this when the tide is in and the river is full. Beautiful view. Trust you are having a great weekend....Dot

Friday, 8 June 2012

6 o'clock

At 6 am this morning I was fast asleep as you would well know by now, so tonight at 6pm I had the tea cooking away, wash up nearly done and waiting for one daughter to arrive home followed by other daughter at 7pm or thereafter. We plan to watch dvd as soon as last girl arrives home, so have to be prepared to do so. Will expect hubby home by 10pm or so. Cannot wait to see him!!! Until tomorrow...Dot

Thursday, 7 June 2012


10am: First cup of freshly brewed coffee which I look forward to each day. I sat down today and enjoyed this drink with my daughter who enjoyed her coffee too. She starts work later today and so I was able to spend most of the day with her. I have knitting group meeting here tonight so should see a few more of these coffees made. I made sure I bought some skim milk for those that prefer it as we only keep green whole milk on board.
Can I encourage you to keep your liquids up, water being at the top of the list. Our bodies will appreciate it!!
Off now to do some more prep for tonight....Dot

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


For the past few weeks I have been wearing my new hoodie when I head out for my morning walk. Because I have 'bed hair', I just pull the hoodie over my head and that does the trick. However, this morning, it was only 3 degrees or less and so up came the zip and the hood was tied secure. It was interesting to see others on my walk with beanies on that normally don't wear them. Must note that today has been another beautiful winters day here. Sun is out, just a little chilly....Dot

Steppin' in from the cold!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


You have to admit there are signs everywhere and we need them to guide and direct us. Without them we would often not know which way to go or receive the information that we require. When I was drawn the think about a sign today, one soon came to mind. The sign below reminds me of a song I learnt in Sunday School as a child. I was going to type the words for you, but I found a youtube clip with the words and music.

I have to thank my daughter for this pic. She leaves a little later than I for her walk and so it was able to be seen and photographed.

I trust and pray that you, the reader, know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and that one day we will celebrate together One Way with God. Until tomorrow....Dot

Monday, 4 June 2012


Hello! I am sitting at my office desk with the sun beaming in the window beside me. It will soon be sundown, but while it was still light I wanted to get some close-up shots of colour in my garden. There is not much in my garden this time of year but as you walk out past the end of the house I have one protea plant and it was spectacular. Enjoy the photos below and until tomorrow, see what colour is in your garden and have a close look.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

On your plate

After a sleep in today (8am) I cooked the family poached eggs on toast with homemade Green Tomato Pickle with fresh orange on the side.

It was yummy!!

By 10.15 we were all out the door for church. Today was the day our monthly newsletter was handed out as well at the latest Address Book.

I had to laugh when I looked up to see my daughters and neice engrossed in the new address book. I glanced about the room and most people were doing the same just before the service started.

We came home for lunch and later we all went to visit a friend to fix the fan on their heater. They were very pleased as now the rooms are all heating up well now.
The girls wanted to fix themselves some leftovers at home for dinner and hubby and I went out for a romantic $10 meal at the local hotel.

I chose Chicken Parmi with chips and salad. It was very nice, I was hungry, but I have on my list to try my daughters Parmi recipe which I know will be much better.

So that is what was found on my plate today. It was a relaxing day and we enjoyed catching up with friends and family. Until tomorrow.....Dot

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Hello to a brand new day!! First thing I spotted today that was empty, and had a pretty side to it, was this ....

... my empty cup of green tea.

Not long after that my daughter drove me up the coast in her car for a bit of shopping. I had finished what was on my list a couple of hours before her so while waiting in the car, after playing all games (Words with friends etc), I decided to tidy up my iphone and managed to empty a whole screen. It looks so much better and will make using it a lot easier.

Thats all I can manage today. Feeling a little empty and so will go see to dinner (Roast Lamb with steamed vegies) and get an early night. Sleep tight!!!

Friday, 1 June 2012


Here I go, starting out in the world of Blogging. To help me to kick off, I am being prompted daily by a photo challenge set up by fatmumslim.
Mornings are my favourite time of the day. I am a lark not an owl and so that helps. My 'cricket' alarm sounds out at 6.30am and I embark on a walk about town.

The sun could not be seen early today and so this pic was taken just before I headed back inside (7.18am). The cloud formation is spectacular!!

While out walking, I have a pot of green tea brewing and on returning I settle down to enjoy over devotion time. I am currently reading the bible through in Chronological order and its up to Proverbs.

Today I made the girls and I a smoothie for breakfast. This is ready by 8am. Have you picked up that I like routine, hee hee. We always try to include fruit for breakfast.

Wow!!! This was taken at 11am. The sun was OUT!!! Being the first day of winter, it turned out to be a beautiful day, 10% chance of rain, which we got, and the clothes on the line were nearly dry; airing off now inside.

I realise my first post is very basic and I have had a lot of help setting up from my husband and daughter. We are a team and all work together well. Until tomorrow morning, Dot's signing out to go enjoy a Friday Night Movie with family.