Monday, 29 October 2012

Coming back soon

Hi, I am coming back on November 1st which is only a couple of days away. I will be commencing a whole new month with creativity in mind. See you soon, keep smiling, Dot :-)

Monday, 22 October 2012


Saturday 22nd September
Our plane departed 00.35am and arrived in Melbourne a little before 6am. We found the lights were not dulled until about 3/4 of the way through our trip. This caused us not to get much sleep at all. By the time we arrived home we were a blurr. Hubby and I went and had a nap for 1 hour in the afternoon so we could get the rest of the unpacking done and start organising ourselves. D2 had meals cooked for us and actually had food to go for the next couple of days. She is wonderful and it was a great help. We crawled into bed again about 9pm.

Last Night

Friday September 21st

After loading up the car we travelled out to Freemantle with plans to go through the submarine. Because the day was really windy they were not taking tours on the submarine so we settled for a coffee there in a lovely cafe set up in front of the building. We had a little drive around Freemantle and then headed out to Ellenbrook. It was enjoyable to drive around all the new housing blocks being set up and noticed how many had filled out considerably since our last trip. We had lunch at Dome. When we left Dome to head back to the car we could hardly walk because of the strong wind and rain.

Drying out.

In our travels about we called into the Margaret River Chocolate Shop. The place was a buzz of activity, people everywhere. We enjoyed some samples and bought some chocolate things to try later.

We spent the evening with Hubby's sister and her husband. Their children were elsewhere so we went out for dinner to a local tavern which was fairly new. The meal was good along with the company and so we had a wonderful last night in WA.

At approximately 10pm we headed to the airport for our plane trip home.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


D3 and I went for a pamper in that building (hotel) over there. Very nice place and very nice pamper.
2 plus hours later we came away very relaxed and ready for bed.
While we were caught up in the hotel, hubby wandered over the road and then found himself back at Gloria Jeans for coffee. He was happy!!!
Tonight we came to the circus, and yes, I tucked into a hotdog and fairy floss.
It was dark when it was all over. We really enjoyed ourselves. The circus was very entertaining and a real treat.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Out and About

Wednesday September 19th
Today our middle daughter (D2) is 28. She is back home in Tasmania and enjoying the quiet I am sure. We called her and let her know where to find her gifts that were hidden before we came away. We also pulled up skype and watched her open them. She is going out for dinner to her grandparents along with some other family/friends.

Our travels today took us to the Westfield shopping centre, Koorong Bookstore at Mt Lauley and Victoria Park.

This is the extent of my shopping today. Found some bargains that will be put to good use.
(the A-Z was only $5, so I could not put it back, light reading)

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Tuesday September 18th
Lots of pics coming today because when you go to the zoo, it cannot be helped, as you will see. Hubby, D3 and I travelled over to Como for hubby to see his naturopath. We enjoyed a nice coffee before the appointment in a quaint cafe. The zoo was just around the corner and so we met with the others there. It was a beautiful day again and perfect for wandering through the zoo.



We completed our day with our last family meal together for a while in the form of a barbecue.

Delicious gluten free burgers, sausages and fried onion.

Bathtime! In goes Little Lady and Little Munchkin wants to follow straight after, but hang on, nappy off first!!! She's quick!!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One Month Early

Monday September 17th
This morning we met the rest of the family at Ikea for breakfast. Yummy meal and easy on the pocket.
We spent about 2 hours there looking through and it was very interesting. Throughout the day we went shopping at Harbourtown and travelled about. There is always something to see and do.
 D1 hits a milestone in one month from today and she chose Sizzler for us to have her birthday meal her.
Hightlight of the picture, the one-month-off-30yr old.
Around the table

And around again. A bunch of beautiful family enjoying a meal together. Great!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Sunday September 16th
The 3 of us slept well in our new accommodation. After a yummy breakfast we headed out to church at Dreambuilders in Swan. We had a great time there. Caught up with those that we knew and enjoyed a chat over coffee afterwards. After leaving there we travelled to Hillarys to meet up with the rest of the family for lunch. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Everybody was out, it seemed, as there were people everywhere. We found a table to sit for lunch and enjoyed a nice meal together. We parted ways for the rest of the afternoon. Hubby, D3 and I went to Lakeside at Joondalup for supplies. We all met up again at 5pm for church at Kingdom City; (Hubby's sister and family attend here). We all enjoyed a great service, the children went out to the childrens program and afterwards we all went down the Macdonalds for dinner.
Even though we follow the gps etc we managed again to take the long route home. I took some shots on the way, but it was nice to climb into bed.


Monday, 15 October 2012


Saturday September 15th

Well today we are on the road, the looooooong straight Newdegate Highway part of the way, for an 8 hour minimum drive to Perth. The best thing is, coming behind us with caravan in tow, is our lovely WA family. They are coming to spend a few days in Perth during our last week here in this beautiful state.

I am taken up in the back seat and all set to do 'all sorts'. (A loving smile from D3)

At one of our toilet/fuel stops we caught up the family. Little munchkin got in the front briefly with her aunt and had her usual little cute look at Gran, click.

I pulled out a new ball of wool and needles and began my scarf. Something different and very nice.

We arrived at our accommodation and were absolutely taken up with it for the first half hour. What a spot!!! It was beautiful and very comfortable. Our family joined us later and had their tea with us. Then we bathed the little girls, hung out, parting ways at bedtime.

You can find our accommodation on Stayz: The Cottage, Beckenham WA.


Friday September 14th
Today I have a couple of photos to share with you of the antics each of the grand daughters got up to today.
My daughter and I were sitting on the couch and the 'birthday girl' drove her teeth into a balloon that was still hanging on the mantle in front of us. She immediately got a response from her Gran and Auntie. We covered our ears and closed our eyes, you can imagine, and of course that made her do it all the more. She errupted into laughter in between driving her teeth into the balloon, but amazingly enough it did not burst.

In action!!!

Later on in the day we caught 'little munchkin' here....

...she had put herself in the dolly pram and was trying to take herself for a stroll. She is going to give us a lot to laugh about, cutie!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Thursday September 13th
High on my daugther's list during our stay with her was to sort through a lot of her things and to organise her home better. As this is right up her youngest sister's alley, they were at it every moment possible. I did not mind looking after the grandchildren (with Poppi's help) and to keep the meals on the table. We all loved every minute of it and are still talking about it.

Here they have taken up residence on the kitchen bench to sort through magazines. Looks like they are really taken up with it; seriously reading!!

Friday, 12 October 2012


Wednesday September 12th
We all popped into town today; Hubby and all the girls in the household. Main job on today's list was 'little lady's' 4 year check up which included needles. I went for moral support but it turned out to be more than that. I had to put my muscles to work and hold the little girl down to get her 2nd needle in the other arm. I have been told since by others that they usually get 2 nurses in and do both arms at once.

She came away with a lovely balloon and it wasn't long before she understood that she needed to get the needles in order to go to school next year. She was ok, bless her.

While we were at the clinic, Poppi was looking after 'little munchkin' and having a lot of fun.

Or at least she was about too!!! Belts on!!!

Loving it!!!

Bit blurry, but later when we caught up with the others, Poppi was happy to give them both a ride.

While we were in town, Anna received a call from her hubby as they were about to burn off near the house. We had finished what we came to town for so we headed home. We arrived home in time for plenty of action and lots to see. I stayed inside with the children and the adults ventured out to get a closer look.

Hope you are enjoying my memories of our trip to WA last month, still more to come.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Belated Gift

Tuesday September 11th
Last Christmas I sent gifts over here for my family in WA. The gift for my oldest grand daughter was still in the making and so she did not get it until I arrived a few days ago on this trip. When she opened it, a big 'WOW' escaped her mouth. It was very cute. And so today I got around to grabbing her along with her mother and took a photo of them holding it on the front verandah. Here it is...

Noah's Ark Quilt. It was a block of the month I received a couple of years ago and many hours of hand stiching went into the quilt. All the pieces were hand stitched in place using blanket stitch and when all put together I hand quilted all over in places. (Can you spot little munchkin in the background)

Today we also went for a drive, just four of us.

I took the back seat with this little cutie!!!

We pulled up at the Rabbit Proof Fence and my youngest daughter posed. Isn't she gorgeous?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Washing Day

Monday September 10th
Today was washing day at the homestead in WA. The weather was sunny and breezy and so each load was on the line for no longer than 30 minutes, then taken off, folded and put away. Amazing!!!
It certainly is a good feeling to be able to get the job over and done and not have to chase it all day.

This is my washing which I left until last. Will be taking it off shortly.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Family Day Out

Sunday September 9th
Today is the actual day my little lady is 4 and so we headed to town for the day. Of course, we spent time at the park. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it.

Beaut view from the park. Next we walked around the corner to Dome for a drinks; COFFEE!!!

We took a major highway home and on the way we took a lookout here.

Looking toward Esperance.

Monday, 8 October 2012

4 Year Old

Saturday September 8th
Tomorrow marks the day when our first grand child was born 4 years ago. Time does fly and the beauty of it is she spent her first 18months of her life in my life most of the time. I babysat her 1 day a week while her mother helped out in the local christian bookstore. I well remember her staying with me for a few nights just before they left to go interstate. It is always great to catch up with them and have valuable family time together and I certainly have a special bond with my 'little lady' that I trust will grow stronger as they years go by.

Little lady held her party today and invited a couple of families around to join in the celebrations. We were happy to be able to join in with her on her birthday.

Pass the parcel game. Little Munchkin only had her eyes on the chocolate frogs that others were collecting on each unwrap. They had to keep them out of site of her and hide them in a pocket or under their leg. She did manage to get hold of one but it was quickly given back to the owner.

It was a good day again!!!


Friday September 7th
When we were at home in the afternoons, and the weather was good, Poppi and I would take the girls outside. I loved to sit in the sun and watch them at play.

There was chalk to draw on the tank. By the time we left we all had made our mark on it.

They love to play in the sandpit and play gym.

Poppi helping out.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Good Coffee

Thursday September 6th

At home we spoil ourselves with good coffee daily but when away we turn to pre-ground coffee beans and use a plunger. Today turned out to be the day we went into town so Hubby and I bolted, eager to find a good coffee when we arrived there.

And so we did and shared a piece of apple cake along with it.

After this we caught up the girls and Hubby and I took the grand daughters while our daughters spent time together shopping. After a while we took the little ones to get lunch before the other 2 arrived. It was fun ordering for them and sitting down to have a meal together.

Looking very relaxed and fast asleep.

Then we all went to the library so Big Sis could collect a bag full of new books. I think she came away with about 9. We were soon to find which ones were her favourites!!

And, yes, little one had to find her selection, although she did not get to take any home.