Friday, 30 November 2012

Rest & Finish Something

Hello, 2 days in 1 today.
The other day I took some time out for a rest and had my ears treated to ear candles. We were unable to take a photo while in the process but this is what was used.

And to complete the month, I have finished some things:

Over the past week, we have cleared out our lounge room in preparation for painting. We have taken advantage of the space and opened up the curtains letting the breeze take over. We have had the walls and ceilings cleaned and the painter is coming to start prep on Monday.

And I have completed a red crocheted dishcloth to suit the season.

Enjoy the 1st day of summer tomorrow...Dot

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

An Oldie But A Goodie

The item that came to mind was my slow cooker.

It lives under the sink at close range. I have taken it out this morning, washed a thawed organic chicken, placed in cooker, seasoned with salt, pepper and mixed herbs, tucked it away in the corner of the kitchen and set the cooker to auto. Tonight about 5pm I will take the chicken out to rest before serving to guests for dinner. It just falls apart!!!

How simple is that! An oldie but a goodie....Dot

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Over the weekend I did some work in my garden and was able to bring in some fresh vegies to enjoy at dinner. I thinned my carrots out (so there was a meal there), I found some potatoes in the ground from last season and I picked my first lot of broad beans. They were all delicious!!!

I was given some fresh flowers.

Later in the day on Saturday we were blessed with a drench of fresh rain....Dot

Monday, 26 November 2012

Frame It

Good afternoon viewers. Trust you had a wonderful weekend. Recently I framed a photo which I want to display in my home. Currently the house is in disarray as we are having the dining/lounge and foyer painted and so the contents of those rooms are relocated to other rooms. But here is the framed photo:

My siblings.
We were all together a few weeks ago and so the opportunity arose to take a family photo. We all huddled together (as we love each other so much) and after some messing about a little by the youngest, we finally got a decent shot.

Must get back to relocating some more furniture....Dot

Friday, 23 November 2012


We all have those days, don't we, where we find we suffer with a little bit of 'dropsy'. I could not believe it!! I had a day like that recently. First my iphone slipped out of its cover onto the tiled kitchen floor. I have never dropped it before in its 3 year lifespan. It has a little mark on 2 of its corners and thankfully it is still working well. No serious damage.
Then, as I was cleaning out some overhead cupboards, I dropped a container and it split (on the tiled floor again).  It will still work but very noticable. Oh well, these things happen!!!

Have a great weekend and try not to make many mistakes....Dot :-)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

An Arrangement

I popped outside today to see what I could replace that last vase of flowers with and found some Kangaroo Paw. I added that to some other nice greenery and dah dah!!

I started 2 new things today. I set my alarm for 6am and plan to keep it that way for the time being (I am awake then anyway as it is daylight) and I took my push bike out for a ride.

I will sleep tonight....Dot

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Up Close

My babies are growing well!!
One of our 'family favourite' soups, Spilt Pea, although I cannot call it that today because I was out of split peas and used green lentils. It still went down well.
Thought for the day in my planner....Dot

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Something New

As I was up the coast yesterday I had a little time to browse and in doing so found something to start getting my outfit for a wedding next month.
The item was on sale and it included a little blue on the garment. The wedding will be taking place by the sea so it should tie in nicely.

Only now need to find some nice tights. Until tomorrow....Dot

Monday, 19 November 2012

In The Kitchen

Welcome to another week. I am up extra early today. 3 of us are heading up the coast for hubby to have a test done. The sun is up, I have been out to feed the dog in the the cool air; it is going to be a lovely day.

I love to spend time in the kitchen but not all my time. My kitchen needs to function well so I am always trying new ways of improving techniques etc to minimise food waste.

My kitchen is nearly 3 years old. I managed well enough in our old kitchen but my new one has been designed around us.  For example:

The drawer under the coffee machine was the home for the 'right sized' cups to use with the machine along with its bits and pieces. Milk is just across the way and the sink is to the left, so this little corner functions well 2 - 3 times a days.

We wanted a dish washer but not a full-size one so we chose a drawer. It is deep and I choose when I want to use it. Most days I wash up and leave the rinsed dishes on the sink to dry. I usually dry the utensils and put them away right away, but before the next meal the sink is clear of dishes. I probably use the dish drawer twice a week but more when guests have been for a meal. It is very handy.

This nifty cupboard is home for the entertaining stuff. You know, the serviettes, nice platters, bowls, heat mats, bbq tools etc. It just means all those things that you don't use everyday are out of the way and right there for when you do need them. 

I like to collect food scraps for my compost bins and so it has a spot for itself tucked away in the cupboard.

Now that you have been invited into my kitchen for a little look I hope I have been able to inspire you in some way in your kitchen...Dot

Friday, 16 November 2012

From A Distance

Wow, what a view!!! We really give thanks to God for the home he provided for us over 10 years ago. We still look out and appreciate it along with all who come to visit. If hubby doesnt beat me first we open the blinds to get a better look.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I have been in the office for most of the day putting Christmas cards together to send out next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and have managed to feed the 4 of us for meals. I am home tomorrow to catch up on that which was missed today.

Until next week, enjoy your weekend. Hope you are able to get outside and take in some sun and fresh air. I will....Dot

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I Made It Myself

On Saturday I got to work and made a batch of cinnamon rolls in honour of my hubby's 50th birthday. We enjoyed the freshly cooked rolls and coffee with his parents in the afternoon. Yummo!!!. I only make them a couple of times a year for special occasions and they are a treat everytime. Of course, there were leftovers to enjoy over the next few days. Hubby was very thankful.

They take time to make but well worth the effort.

Here is recipe:

1. Make up a brioche dough. I used the one in my Thermomix recipe book.

2. While that is proving, prepare the topping.

In a saucepan place 1/2 cup brown sugar, 80g butter and 2 Tb maple syrup.
Melt over low heat and spread mixture over the base of a large pan, at least 30 x 25cm. Sprinkle with 1 cup of freshly cracked walnuts, chopped a little. Set aside.

3. Once dough is ready, divide into 2 and roll each piece into ovals. Baste surface with melted butter and spread lightly with raw sugar and cinnamon. Roll up dough lengthwise, slice into 4cm wide pieces. Place rolls on their cut sides in the pan. Cover with a clean tea towel and place in a warm spot until nearly double in size.

4. Heat oven 180 degrees (160 is fan-forced) and bake for at least 30 minutes. They need to be well browned to be cooked in the centre. Remove from oven and invert into serving place. Enjoy!!!....Dot

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Favourite Online Creative

I have a few sites saved in my favourites and this is one I have been looking at for a a few weeks now when I find the time to do so. It always takes a while to look through blogs when they have a lot of great content to get through. Plus this site is green, one of my favourite colours at the moment. Hope you have time to take a look and get creative in your home, the frugal way.

Another beautiful day here. I have spent some time out in the garden today. We have guests at 6pm for dinner so I had better go and do some prep for that...Dot

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Each year I take a risk by putting in a vegetable garden. I must admit the garden soil has improved much because of the effort I have put in by adding my own compost etc and I am getting the hang of what I can grow there and be able to put on the table. It is amazing how the neighbour next door and the friend down the road can grow produce that I cannot. Something that helps too is the shade I have put up around the garden as protection.

Standing at the corner of my patch I am showing you some broad beans, potatoes coming up well in the back ground and to the right there is a row of carrots and next to that sunflowers that popped up from seed in the ground from last year. In amongst the sunflowers I have some peas growing.

Over the back is some climbing butter beans that I am trying out for the first time this year. They are coming up well and I have created a strong trellis for them to climb.

In the tyre there are some snow peas trying to come to something. At least I will get a few to enjoy on salads. We have been using the abundance of different coloured siverbeet. It has been lovely. Under the bird net the raspberries are growing. This is their 3rd year and have been giving a better crop each year.
I have had a massage today and am going to rest for the remainder of the evening. I think a movie is about to start....Dot


Monday, 12 November 2012

From Above

Trust you had a lovely weekend. Hubby joined me in turning half a century and so we spent time over the weekend celebrating with family and friends.

From Above today came some warm wind at 6.30am. Around midday a flash of lightening appearred, a clap of thunder, followed by heavy rain then out came to sun to shine brightly for the remainder of the day. Spectacular, thats what variety we can have in a day in our corner of the world.

From above I took the following pictures.

These are my babies. I water them twice a day and they are going well as they soak up the sunshine streaming through the windows. What you can see on the left is a row of lettuces and on the right is capsicum seed I kept from a capsicum last year. Waiting to appear are cucumber, artichoke and tomatoes.

Something else I took from above was:

my daughter's freshly painted toenails. The weather is warming up for us to wear our open-toed sandels and so we have prettied up our toes to suit.

Do hope your day was a spectacular as mine....Dot

Friday, 9 November 2012

Time Savers

Well this is certainly something I love to talk about as I am always looking for time savers around the home. The first one that comes to mind though today is a 'cannot do without item' in my kitchen, although, I have been without it and coped quite ok. And it is ..... Thermomix.

It is my hubby's birthday tomorrow and tonight we are having dinner at his parent's home along with his siblings and their other halves. As D2 and D3 will be home late from work and staying in tonight I am cooking them Tuna Mornay Bake. While the pasta is cooking etc I am off around doing other things ready to go out (including this blog). The whole dish only took me about 20 mins in the kitchen.

There is it baking until golden brown. The girls will have it with steamed silverbeet and broccoli and there will be enough for the 4 of us for dinner tommorrow night.

I am going to put my lippy on, have a great weekend....Dot

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Hello!! It's a beautiful sunny day here today in Tasmania with a bit of breeze to go with it. Yesterday I added some more colour into my life, in the form of....

...a bright blue cast iron multi pan. It can be used as a casserole, saucepan and frypan. The frypan part sold me as I was looking for a small cast iron pan to make my crepes each weekend. The whole package was just $49.95 at Harris Scarfe.

Looking forward to better tasting crepes on Saturday.

I am going out soon to enjoy some of this great day....Dot

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


When I think of nature I love to get out in my veggie patch. It is a fenced off area out in our back yard. This time of year (Spring) is a very productive as the ground is warming up. 
The pot of parsley is growing well and is a bright healthy green.
Along the side of the fence is also a vibrant pot of oregano
I put an old, worn-out wheelbarrow to use and planted some peas. The wire is in place to deter the birds from eating the seed before they have time to surface for me.
We have been enjoying silverbeet for a while now in salads or just steamed.
Nestled in with the pretty snaps are sage, garlic chives and thyme. The pot contains ginger which hasn't come out yet.

After a long day, I am off to bed...Dot

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Makes You Think

My weekly meal planner sits on the bench in the centre of the kitchen. Every few days I note down what we are having at meal times. The first place I check at the start of the week is the Family Calendar and my daily planner to see what is on during the week as it usually determines what is put on the plate. Next I go to the fridge and see what is in there to use up.

Last Sunday I cooked up a huge spaghetti bolognaise and so we have been eating that since. The last 2 serves will be gone tomorrow as only 2 of the family will be here for lunch. D3 and I are off to the coast to have her car serviced. Because we are out tomorrow night it is a quick meal planned for dinner when we get home, Curry & Coconut Cannellini on rice.

Some things are set in concrete, for example, crepes on Saturday morning. If, for some reason, we are unable to have the crepes, hubby is sorely dissappointed as he has to wait until the next Saturday. Its easy to make up some soup each day for lunch with crackers and dip if there are not any leftovers. I make up a different soup recipe each time so that we have plenty of variety in our diet. Because we have 2 birthdays this week we are eating out a few times with family. Usually for dinner we try to have salad or steamed vegetables, or both, along with a protein.

A peak into my fridge. It is well supplied for a few days with fresh goods and leftovers.

I value the time taken to plan meals this way and feel a sense of achievment when at the end of the day there is less waste, satisfied stomachs and a balanced budget.

Tomorrow we venture outside. Until then, don't think too hard for too long...Dot

Monday, 5 November 2012


Happy today consisted of:

enjoying the sun streaming through the kitchen window while we enjoyed eggs on toast with fresh fruit.

I was very happy to see the line full of clean washing with a warm wind speed of 42km per hour enabling me to get the clothes off and folded by lunch time.
We had a time of skype with our WA family, I got some gardening done as it was lovely outside. We have some rain coming soon too, lots, the radar shows a huge green cloud coming towards us.
Must go now and prepare some tea, only need to cook up some vegetables as we have left over spagetti bolognaise.
Hope your day has been full of happy things today....Dot

Friday, 2 November 2012

Make lists

I like to make lists and the main places to find them in are the kitchen, the office, my handbag (daily planner and iphone). I won't bore you with them ALL, I am going to share only a few with you.

A few years ago my girlfriend from school days gave me this lovely Birthday Calendar. Because it is only includes the month and day it has been used year after year. Today I posted Auntie Joan gift as her birthday falls next Tuesday. I had crocheted her a dish cloth and made her a card. All the remaining gifts for this months birthdays have been wrapped except for one; still coming in the mail.

I keep a list of each years giving in the back of an old diary. This way I don't repeat gifts and also know what I have given. Its a good way to remember and leave room for more creativity.

(I only showed a portion of my list as it would give too much away, girls!!!)

And on the opposite page I have a Christmas List. I just had a look back and I have been doing these lists for five years. It makes for interesting reading. As I pick things up when I am out shopping etc I add them to the list and put the items in a big crate in the cupboard.

Have a great weekend. Ours is a long one and we have a list to get through...Dot

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Creative Space

For this month I am doing a month of #mycreativespace. I was encouraged to do this by my daughter in WA. I will be only posting on Monday to Fridays and having the weekend to collect new thoughts and be able to keep up with other household duties.
Today I want to show you a couple of pictures of my creative space at home. I do have many places I would call creative but for now I will just share these 2 with you.

A couple of years ago I moved my sewing table up from the basement and set it up in this corner of the lounge room. It is nice and warm here in winter, sunny in the summer and where most of the family hang out. Currently I am taking in jeans for my daughter and taking up work trousers for my husband.

To top it off, to the right of my sewing corner is this beaut cupboard space. It sits behind the fridge in the kitchen. When I had my new kitchen installed, one of the labourers pointed out the space to me and suggested a cupboard and of course I jumped at it. It is perfect. There are a lot of 'ufo's' in there along with 'new things to do'. There is always something to do!!!