Monday, 23 December 2013

Homeward bound

After having such a wonderful time in Esperance with family it came time to depart and head home. We had a week before we boarded the boat so we called into Victor Harbor on the way. This is a beautiful spot too. We stayed a night there with friends and early the next day Hubby had a chance to go flying. Here are some pics....

Victor Harbor

Just proves that he is there taking those beautiful shots. 


Christmas Day is nearly here. I trust you all have a wonderful Christmas.

We will catch up in 2014...Dot 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


While on holiday your intake of food can differ from what you normally have at home. We usually stick to healthy choices about 50 percent of the time. It's challenging and exciting looking around to find what is available and enjoy a variety of foods. 

While staying with D1 I was delighted to have some special breakfasts prepared for me. 

Walnut Chocolate Mousse

Lemon & Buckwheat Porridge

Berry & Chai Parfait

(I would like to try these again one day!!!)

Out and about we enjoyed the following:

Freshly cooked pancake.

I enjoyed tucking into Fish and Chips on a few occasions. 

We even cooked ourselves some pancakes one evening while camping. The portable gas cooker was handy. 

Dot :-)

Monday, 9 December 2013


The time had arrived for us to meet up with our family in Esperance and spend a couple of weeks with them. We were greeted out the front of their new home with hugs and kisses. I was really looking forward to the days ahead spending our time together in a beautiful town. The weather was mostly warm with a couple of cold ones thrown in. We walked downtown whenever we could. The day we left it was bucketing down with rain (reminded us of home). 

Swings at the park

D1 and I crocheting together.

The steep climb

My man...and look at the view

These two were happy to be sent on a 'date night'. 

Good coffee daily was a priority...mmm

At the show

Had a marvelous time...Dot

Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting Closer

The purpose of our Road Trip was to spend time with our family in WA and that time was getting closer. On day 7 we travelled from Eucla to Fraser Station. We arrived late but was glad to be able to sit down to a yummy roast meat, vegies and dessert after we pitched our tent. 

The spot we settled in the night before. We didn't do too badly in the dark!!

On the way home we stayed here again. This is the road in to Fraser Range Sheep Station. A very nice place to stay.

And so on Day 8....

...we arrived in Esperance...Dot

Monday, 25 November 2013

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? I don't, but I found out that my husband does. One thing from his list was completed when we went on our holiday. 

He flew on the Nullabor. (This was @ Eucla)

Frightened some kangaroos!

Coming in to land. 

On the way home, we called in to visit friends at Victor Harbor. We stayed the night and early the next morning it was perfect for hubby to get up in the air again. 

Have a great week....Dot

Monday, 18 November 2013

Great Road Trip

I am back again (Monday's seem to be my day for blogging), to give you more on our road trip. 

We stayed 2 nights in Port Augusta. We were up early and away by 8.30 on the 2nd morning. We were keen to get to Ceduna in good time as we were meeting up with family who were relocating from Perth to Queensland. We all met up later in the day and had dinner together. It was great to catch up with them and the next morning we went our separate ways. 

Beautiful grass spot to pitch our tent in fact the only grass area in the whole park. 

On Day 6 we travelled from Ceduna to Eucla. We called into The Bight. Spectacular!!

'Selfie' in the shade. It was very warm.

Where we were sitting. So peaceful....Dot

Monday, 11 November 2013

Our Road Trip

One of the best bits of advice I have received is to PLAN WELL. 

This year Hubby and I decided to take his 4 weeks of holiday and hit the road to Western Australia. Right to the day we left, we prepared all that we could think of to make our trip a success. We had never done a trip like this before and it was exciting to plan for it.

Even though it was a miserable day (the day before we left), the car and trailer had to be cleaned inside and out. Here you can see Hubby even cleaned to top of the trailer. 

Before long we were ready to be off.

We spent the night on the Spirit of Tasmania. They pack you in well. The next morning we headed to Bendigo where I purchased some wool. I brought some for D1 and some to add to my collection I already had with me. 

We spent the 2nd night at Mildura and the following day we travelled to Port Augusta. 

Camp Fergie


Monday, 4 November 2013

Garden Whoohoo

October here in Tasmania was cold and wet but this caused the garden to grow. Everything had a growth spurt; as well as the weeds. I have spent some time weeding but there is plenty more to do. It is nice to get out when the day is sunny and not too windy and tend to it. 

Look what progress I found in my vegetable patch.

Lettuces: We have been enjoying some yummy salads. I need to wash well as D3 found a little grub raising his head on her plate - "don't eat me".  The leaves are very tender and juicy.

Lavender: It smells sweet!!

Peas: there are 2 rows parallel in this patch. 

Potatoes: Before I went on holiday I planted the seed potato and they are well on their way.

Inside: I have transplanted spring onion, coriander, basil, tomatoes. D2 bought me some 'pot' plants which includes a couple of strawberries, chilli and capsicum. Should have a good supply in a month or so. 

Long weekend here this weekend and so today were are all home to enjoy the day together...Dot

Monday, 28 October 2013

Home Again

Hi everyone
I have been away on a road trip with my darling hubby. We arrived back home yesterday and I have plenty to 'blog' about. But it will have to wait until I am a little more organised. 

Be back soon....Dot

Friday, 27 September 2013

Weeding Day

As the weather is warming up, it was high time I got out into my garden. At least the veggie patch. It had not received much attention over the last few months so I had a day this week and I BLITZED it! 

Last year I seriously put in place a 4 bed rotation and so I had made a plan of what to plant and where to plant. But first I had to put the muscles to work and get rid of huge clumps of grass that had embedded themselves in and around the raspberry patch. 

Molly is contented in her freshly cleaned out run. To the left you can see the raspberry patch. I think this year will be the 4th year we have had this patch.

At the entry to my veggie garden I love the big pot in which the parsley has started off really well.There are a few lettuces making their home in there as well. In the shaded section  I have spring onions which I raised from seed and there is garlic growing around the sides of the bed. 

After weeding and placing lime on this bed, I have planted peas and climbing butter beans. Once the beans have come out to say hello, I will thread some twine on the poles to encourage them to climb. Over the back, with the terracotta bag surround, is a Yellow Tomato we picked up from the local nursery last week. In the bed where the tomato is I have planted potatoes and you can just see the last of the kale we have been enjoying on our plates. 

And inside in the sunny foyer at the front of our home, I have planted seeds of capsicum, coriander, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion and tomato. They have nearly all poked their little heads out. (I call them my babies). Of course, the lettuces were up first and look at them. I have since put a box of dirt beside the can here and I will transplant some lettuces tomorrow. 

Off to eat dinner. Fish, chips, baked pumpkin and corn on the cob, followed by Rice Pudding.

Have a great weekend....Dot

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nicer Coffee

Since I was last here I have learnt to improve my coffee service at home. I attended a brief coffee course which taught me a few things and I have added them to my skills of making a yummy coffee.

We were given this card to take home. Mind you, I have still a lot to learn. We did not cover fancy tops on time!!! 

Hubby and I have been busy preparing for our annual holiday. D2 returned last week from her holiday and we celebrated her birthday here this week. We are all getting just that little bit older. Never-mind, the sun just popped out again and I am off to prepare a stir fry for dinner.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Spring is here!!!


And there is colour from one end of our garden to the other. 

Have a great weekend...Dot