Monday, 23 December 2013

Homeward bound

After having such a wonderful time in Esperance with family it came time to depart and head home. We had a week before we boarded the boat so we called into Victor Harbor on the way. This is a beautiful spot too. We stayed a night there with friends and early the next day Hubby had a chance to go flying. Here are some pics....

Victor Harbor

Just proves that he is there taking those beautiful shots. 


Christmas Day is nearly here. I trust you all have a wonderful Christmas.

We will catch up in 2014...Dot 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


While on holiday your intake of food can differ from what you normally have at home. We usually stick to healthy choices about 50 percent of the time. It's challenging and exciting looking around to find what is available and enjoy a variety of foods. 

While staying with D1 I was delighted to have some special breakfasts prepared for me. 

Walnut Chocolate Mousse

Lemon & Buckwheat Porridge

Berry & Chai Parfait

(I would like to try these again one day!!!)

Out and about we enjoyed the following:

Freshly cooked pancake.

I enjoyed tucking into Fish and Chips on a few occasions. 

We even cooked ourselves some pancakes one evening while camping. The portable gas cooker was handy. 

Dot :-)

Monday, 9 December 2013


The time had arrived for us to meet up with our family in Esperance and spend a couple of weeks with them. We were greeted out the front of their new home with hugs and kisses. I was really looking forward to the days ahead spending our time together in a beautiful town. The weather was mostly warm with a couple of cold ones thrown in. We walked downtown whenever we could. The day we left it was bucketing down with rain (reminded us of home). 

Swings at the park

D1 and I crocheting together.

The steep climb

My man...and look at the view

These two were happy to be sent on a 'date night'. 

Good coffee daily was a priority...mmm

At the show

Had a marvelous time...Dot

Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting Closer

The purpose of our Road Trip was to spend time with our family in WA and that time was getting closer. On day 7 we travelled from Eucla to Fraser Station. We arrived late but was glad to be able to sit down to a yummy roast meat, vegies and dessert after we pitched our tent. 

The spot we settled in the night before. We didn't do too badly in the dark!!

On the way home we stayed here again. This is the road in to Fraser Range Sheep Station. A very nice place to stay.

And so on Day 8....

...we arrived in Esperance...Dot