Monday, 30 June 2014

What did June look like

Welcome to the last day of June!! One month of winter gone and we are thankful that it was a mild one. 

During the colder months I pull out those recipes that help keep us warm and are full of goodness.

Last month we have enjoyed....

Beef Shepherd's Pie and Lamb Shank Soup

Split Pea Soup

Roast Lamb, Mash and greens

A few days were spent indoors as it was too wet and cold to venture out.

My cleaning this week took place with my recipes collection. This took a few days and still has a little more work to do to complete the task. 

I set myself up in  the family room and surrounded myself with books and lots of loose recipes. I have placed the recipes in a folder and have sections allocated to:


This morning I was privileged to have a visit from 2 girlfriends from the other end of the state who drove up yesterday to stay locally for a few days. One of the girls I had not seen for 10 or so years and we automatically started off where we left and had a wonderful time catching up over hot drinks. 

This week I plan to make a few vegetarian recipes. On the menu tonight is Lentil Hotpot.

Keep warm....Dot

Monday, 23 June 2014

Here I am

again, and a BIG Hello to all! Monday has come around again and today I have my niece with me who has had her tonsils and adenoids removed. She had the operation last week and is looking well. It is a great day to be indoors as the weather is quite wintry with lots of rain and wind.

I have cleaned out hubby's clothes. I had to retrieve the large coat hanger from the op bag. Thankfully he has not missed anything else and is keen to put things back there as he found them. 

 This is a hot-pad I completed for myself. 

I completed one of these cute teddy's. I had the body parts knitted; just had to sew them together and stuff him. He has gone to a little boy who always wants his older brother's teddy. 

On Saturday I went to a High Tea. Wow, sugar overload, but it was yummy. There were fancy and mini sized portions of biscuits, lamingtons, cheesecake, custard, scones, sandwiches. 
We were all spoilt. 

Speaking of food, I am getting hungry. Must go and prepare lunch...Dot

Monday, 16 June 2014

June 16th, 2014

Hi Readers

The last week has flown by. We have had some lovely weather and also had D2 home as she was not well. She has gone back to work today feeling much better. Because D2 had to rest, I was happy to rest along with her and took up some more knitting, crocheting and movie watching. We found ourselves having most of our meals in the family room to accompany her. 

This is a scarf I crocheted for her this week. She loves it!!!

I have not been in my sewing corner. I did, however, clean out my inbox etc on my computer. It was well overdue as there were emails sitting there from 3 years ago. It felt good to have this area cleaned up and then be satisfied to empty the recycle bin (squich). 

For winter I decided to take part in a Winter Swap with a yarn club. I received my first parcel this week. 

I received some beautiful wool that I plan to make into finger-less mittens. While making them I was given some mints to enjoy. 

Yesterday Hubby and I went for an afternoon drive. Just on dusk I was able to capture this with the pretty pink glow in the sky. So peaceful. 

Well, I have made a start this morning, and this week I am cleaning out our walk-in robe. It's a huge job that I tackle twice a year, so I am putting the cooler clothes to the back of the shelves and bring the warmer one to the front. At the same time a bag is being filled for the local op shop. 

Enjoy your week...Dot :-)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hubby commented yesterday that the year is flying by and that it is. It seems to happen when one is kept busy and because we started off with a wedding...say no more. Lots of exciting things have been happening in our lives and so time flies. 

The three of us had a wonderful weekend away and we arrived home yesterday mid afternoon. We all agreed it was good to get home while it was still daylight and get everything packed away. We caught up with family and friends and did a touch of shopping. 

I replaced my wallet, so out with the old in with the new slimmer wallet. Hubby thinks I will not fit all that I need into the new one....we'll see!!!

This is the soap I gift-wrapped last week. I found some pieces of printed absorbent paper that did the trick nicely. Most of our family use my soap. If you would like to know more, please check out the blog listed in my side bar (Down to Earth)

Off to clean out that wallet....Dot 

Monday, 2 June 2014


What have I been doing?

Welcome to Winter in Australia!!!. You wouldn't believe it, but today the sun is shining and I have clothes on the line. Happy about that!!!

My craft cupboard is looking much better. I have to admit I have not finished the cupboard, as such, but have been taken up with completing some of those unfinished objects. 

I purchased some wool when on holiday last year (or maybe it was the year before) to make a scarf and I finished that this week. 

This is the wool I used. For my scarf I picked up every second stitch. So I had 5 stitches on my cute 'happy' needles and it was a slow but fast process. If you happen to drop a stitch you pretty much have to start all over. So slow and steady I had it done in a few hours. It has not been worn yet. 

The soap I made 6 weeks ago was ready to put away. Good timing, as we were on our last bar. I have put aside a few neat pieces for gifts. More about that next time.

This week I also had some time at my sewing table. My kitchen hand towels need replacing so I am in the middle of making up 3 more. As you can see with the first one, I crocheted a top for it. It did not turn out the best as there were some holes but I covered them with crocheted flowers. The towel was completed with some pretty bias binding. 

There is a lot on this week and to finished it off we have a long weekend...Dot