Tuesday, 31 March 2015

End of Month etc

Hmm, it's Tuesday, and you might have guessed I was busy yesterday. I was. D2 and I took hubby's car up the coast for a service. We took the day to have together and it was well spent. We hit the movies, checked out the shops and found some bargains. We left early so we made a day of it having our meals out as we pleased. 

We watched Cinderella and it was well done. We had a few laughs. I am keen to watch That Sugar film now. 

Recently I picked a tip on how to make garter stitch edges neat. I wanted to try it out, so I knitted D2 a dish cloth and the edge was able to be easily crocheted around with single crochet to give it a nice finish. 

Tip: Slip first stitch of every row purl-wise with your yarn in front, then move yarn to back and continue knitting. Amazing!!

If you are like me, you would be keen to give it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I needed to make a gift for a new little girl to put in my stash, so I decided to crochet a beanie.

Awwh!! I left it on my dining table and every one who has popped by loves it. Look out grand daughters, I have already started one for you. I have a pattern that covers 3months - 10 years old, and remember I have that wonderful basket full of beautiful colours.

My mother-in-law picked me some fresh mushrooms. I am going to make mushroom sauce with them tonight for dinner.

This week marks the end of another month and also the end of our daylight savings period. Thankfully we have a few days off over Easter which will help us to get used to the changes. 

Happy Easter everyone. Go easy on the chocolate ... Dot

Monday, 23 March 2015

Too Much

Hello! Another week has arrived and the alarm woke us to the sound of heavy rain. The alarm was turned off and we laid in for a bit longer. Nice.

Friday night we had a family get together at the homestead. Each family ordered hot potatoes from the local shop and we had a buzz together. It was wonderful. 

Too much: I have loads of apples ready to use. I have made apple sponge pudding so far and have lots of other recipes to try. I will also stew some and freeze for later in the year. Hot desserts for winter sounds great.

I also have too much rice. Beside having some rice in my pantry containers, I found this bag when I was in there recently. I have since found some different ways of cooking with rice. We have had Lemon Rice, Baked rice and rice with casseroles. Tonight I plan to make a rice dessert for dinner. I have yet to make Fried Rice and the list goes on. Variety is the key!! This bag expires in July so I have a little time. Stay tuned for more ideas over the next few months. 

Saturday was a beautiful day for getting outside. Hubby removed the boards from a handrail and sanded them down to paint. I am sitting on the other end to hold the board still.

And now I am on the other end. 

Then I got to do some of the painting. Should the weekend be favorable this week, hubby wants to put the boards back in place and give them another coat of paint.

This month (March) I received my secret pal gift from Canada. I was sent a fabric box along with a reference guide for Moda fabrics. The timing was perfect for the guide as I had just received a Moda 5" pack of fabrics a few day earlier (Horizon). I currently have a candle in the fabric box on the dining table. I thought I could also use it to put beside me when I am crocheting to hold needle, scissors, stitch markers etc. I am always losing these little things and to have them in one spot would be handy. 

That's all for another week ... Dot 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Hello Monday

Monday is nearly over here. The sun is going down and as you are aware I try to get this blog up on Monday and I still have time.

Today D2 had her rostered day off and so we have been setting up a date time around town. With the opening of a new cafe, we meet there at 10.30 and follow that with whatever may pop up with either of us and finish the time together by getting the mail. This comes around fortnightly and I am loving it. 

Yesterday was my father-in-laws birthday. He turned 84 and hubby currently has all his siblings here (6 of them) in our little corner of the world. We had a wonderful time of celebrations yesterday and there are plans to catch up again during the week.

The bib I showed you a few weeks ago has been wrapped up with a little card I made for a new little girl called Frankie.

I completed a bib for a baby boy. 

Last week was very cold and I needed to get my slippers completed to wear. I had them knitted up, I needed only to put the soles on them and sew them together. The last couple of days had been nice and warm. Looks like we should get some Autumn weather. 

While having breakfast today, hubby spotted this colourful parrot outside our window. 

Hubby has arrived home for dinner. Bye for now ... Dot

Monday, 9 March 2015

Eight Hour Day Long Weekend

This month we have had another long weekend. Of course, we planned to do some things with it and have had a great weekend. 

On Friday my preserved lemons were ready to open and try. D2 invited hubby and I for dinner that night and instead of gravy or mint sauce with our lamb we had thinly sliced preserved lemons. She didn't salt the vegetables so they went well with the whole meal.

Surprise surprise, she made dessert for us. It was a parfait made up of mangoes, coconut cream etc. Very delicious.

Over the weekend I finished my gift to send to my March secret IGpal. Her colour preferences were peach, green and blue so I made a Mandala to suit. 

Homemade crumpets. Oh my! You will never buy crumpets again. Unless of course, they are homemade. I invite all my readers to find a recipe and if you have a pan, egg rings and some jam or honey you are set. They freeze well to use later in the toaster.

I was watching Martha Stewart one afternoon last week and she made Potato Gnocchi. It looked so easy I had a go. Mmm, I will make it again. 

I hope I have inspired you to make something from scratch ... Dot 

Monday, 2 March 2015


Hello and welcome to:


Both ends of the day have turned cooler. The mornings are freezing. I have put my gloves aside today to wear tomorrow on our walk as my hands were frozen. The blankets have all been pulled up from the base of the bed and it won't be long and I will have to wear bed socks. 

It is the middle of the day and it is trying to reach 20 degrees but has only made to 15 so far. There is a slight breeze; the turbine out the kitchen window isn't doing much. But Hubby and I love Autumn. It is our favourite season here in Tasmania. 

I happily purchased some local honey. There normally isn't much there of the one we like (we don't like it too strong) and I was pleased to see a few there, so I grabbed them. Honey keeps well in the top of the kitchen cupboard and I used it daily and it only costs $10 a bucket.

D2 has the day off today. We walked around town and retrieved some fresh lemons. Every morning on rising I make hubby and I a warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. We follow this by some clear water. This is a great start to the day and helps cleanse our liver I'm sure. 


From the garden: I have some chips in the oven, have boiled some eggs and I am going to make up a salad with fresh lettuce leaves and tiny tomatoes. The tomatoes are very sweet. Delicious. 

Some more happy mail. Hope Mondays keep this up. I like it!!! 

Time for a cuppa and open my letter. Hope you have a lovely week and enjoy life where you are....Dot