Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday 25th

Good morning. I am feeling a lot better and able to move about slowly. While relaxing over the weekend I was handed a yummy piece of homemade quiche for lunch. I had set myself up on our bed along with reading material, nexus, phone, knitting, drinks, etc. 
I have been knitting hubby a new scarf. I have been picking it up every day and doing some rows and trying to get to the end of a 200g ball. Nearly there!!!

These are all the way from Western Australia and I was given some to try. They not only smelt good, they tasted good too. 

Yesterday morning I needed to top up the snacks for morning tea. I put on a CD (Tenors) and spent some time in the kitchen. These are a basic muffin recipe in which I used coconut sugar and spelt flour but I also slipped a piece of spiced pear in the middle. 

I can hear one calling me now. Might make a coffee to go with it. 

.... Dot

ps. the weather has improved out of sight. We are having a week of morning frosts followed by sunny days. The clothes are drying outside. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hi. If you checked out last weeks blog and compare the 'grunter' now, it is very different. A little man came along and cleaned it all up. So nice to head downtown with tidy surroundings. 

I'm afraid I won't be venturing down there anytime soon though. Yesterday I was going out and had a fall at the front of our home. I injured my knee and sprained the other foot and so I am sorry and sore. 

We have been having frosts most mornings, hail and showers but the sun comes out and warms everything up for a few hours. The days are getting longer and it is a good feeling. 

I am still making some mittens. I made another scrap pair for myself using up some hand-dyed yarns. These blue variegated ones have been posted off to someone special. I had hubby try some on for me yesterday to check sizing for his mother and he kept it on for a while. Might have to make him some too.

Until next week, be good ... Dot

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tuesday August 11

A lot of colour has appeared in the garden outside with early spring bulbs in flower and bushes of pretty camellias. I love to bring some inside to enjoy and they have made a lovely display on the servery.

This morning I put some time in the kitchen. I first had to tackle a huge washing up before setting in to make some ...

... mayonnaise. This is preparation to make some savoury eggs for a morning tea in a couple of days. I make the mayo in my Thermomix and as there was some left in the bowl I made some coleslaw. It will be nice to have some raw veggies. 

Some mayo also went into making some Veggie dip for lunch. The dip mix comes from Your Inspiration At Home which my daughter sells. So easy to make and delicious. Yum.

Dinner tonight: Crunchy Salmon, coleslaw and  steamed kale with any leftover dip.

Mornings are still too cold and dark for a walk so I leave it until late morning. I had a nice walk around town today (no I did not tackle the exercise equipment) and try to go most days throughout the week. 

Exercise done for the day!!!

Have a great week ... Dot

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I'm Back ...

... and I loved my time away.

Gran (mwah) made mini pancakes and I was surprised to see what G1 was about to tuck into one morning.

D2 made the girls some paper hats.

Whenever D2 pulled out her phone or ipad the grandies were very near, keen to add there bit to what was happening on the screen. 

The grandgirls loved my fingerless mittens, so I was asked to make some for G1. Here she is posing for Gran in the midst of my craft time with their mother. 

Soon after G1 had her gloves on, G2 asked Gran to make some for her. She was keen to help Gran make them and sat there for ages distributing the wool. 

On our way into town there was canola spread out everywhere like bright yellow carpet. Can you see it?

And back home it is freezing. We had hail yesterday!

Until next week. keep warm ... Dot