Tuesday, 27 October 2015


This month on date night, hubby and I headed up the coast and along the way hubby asked if I was going to take a picture of the tulips. I immediately pulled out my phone (as we were nearing the spot) and set it up to take a pic. Well we were running late, so we could not pull up, we had cars up our bum and were about to emerge into a passing lane so hubby wound down the window and said "go for it'.
Not too bad of a pic of this glorious carpet of colour.

The other day I was doing something without any background noise going on and I heard this tapping going on up in the family room. Lo and behold some cute (but probably pests) birds were admiring themselves in their reflection and flitting about everywhere. They had fun and I had fun trying to get them into a shot. (one pic had no birds) 

I completed a chick to go with the mother bird this week and posted it off for a secret pal. The recipient is the sole female in a home full of males so this should add a little sweetness to her kitchen. 

On Saturday, hubby had a loan of some ramps and fixed his car. It worked!!!! We were both so pleased. He had to replace a little part and away it went. Mr Fix-it, done it again!!

I now have my car back but it is still in the drive. I am so used to not having it and I love to walk everywhere now the sun is out most days. 

Enjoy your week ... Dot

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Queenstown - New Zealand

A big 'hi' to all my readers. Today I will share with you the last leg of our trip to New Zealand.

D3 and I took a walk to see Lake Dispute (pictured above). It was a decent track that took us about 1 1/2 hours and we felt great afterwards.

We all took a cruise around the lake at Queenstown. It was very interesting and we came away with a clearer knowledge of the area.

We then went to an underwater aquarium. I loved looking at the ducks swimming on the water. It was funny. 

Then they would dive down and smartly scavenge for some food before heading back to the top. 

Our lunch view. Wow!!! And delicious food too. 

We took up a segway tour around town which led us through the botanical gardens. It was a lot of fun. The boys really put the machines to the test, can't you imagine?

This is our trip up in the gondola. Veeerrry steep! 

Then it was time to leave Queenstown behind and take the road to Christchurch to fly home early the following morning. 

We arrived home to warmer weather, which was nice, and have settled back into the normality of life.

Be happy ... Dot

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Zealand

Good day! Today I will continue on with what we got up to in New Zealand. 
We took up a 45 minute walk to visit the Craters of the Moon. 

It was just amazing to see spots here and there of hot steam and yet the day was chilly. We were rugged up and when you had the opportunity to get close to one of the craters, you certainly could feel the heat. 

A must for every holiday is to visit a museum and we did. We went to the Te Papa National Museum which covered 6 floors. Of course, we did not get through it all but did cover a lot of interesting areas. The Gallipoli: The scale of war, was a very tranquil area to stroll through (no prams or bags allowed).

We made it to the bottom of the North Island and took the ferry at Wellington to Picton on the South Island. 

It was a very early start and Day Light Savings had kicked in over night for New Zealand. We were the first to get to the terminal; we had the pick of where to 'take up sitting while we waited'. It was not long and the placed was packed. Once we boarded we were fortunate to get a window seat and it was not long before some of us got a little 'shut eye'. 

"From the mountains to the valleys, hear our praises rise to you"

We were in awe of those majestic mountains and the beautiful countryside. 

We were making our way to Queenstown and on the way we pulled up for lunch at Fox Glacier. We chose to eat at a rustic pub that had candles lit all around the rooms and an open fire blazing around a corner. It was comfort plus.

Next week I will give you a taste of Queentown, New Zealand. Have a great week ... Dot

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hello Readers. I am back on board from a lovely holiday. Hubby and I were invited to join D3 and her hubby (S2) on a 2 week trip to New Zealand. This was a first for all of us and was a real experience.

We flew into Auckland and stayed there a couple of nights and became familiar with most of the towns listed here.  

The first place to visit on our itinerary (which was cleverly put together by D3) was the Auckland Zoo. 

In the aviary, hubby was able to get up close and personal with this pretty bird.

This is too personal for our liking. Most were shocked and in awe as we viewed from the window. 
There were elephants, giraffes and hippos and we took the good part of a day to get around the zoo. 

A day was spent at Hobbiton Movie Set. This was certainly an eye opener. During the next few days we were viewing the movies again to see where parts of this set fitted in. 

We stayed a couple of nights in Taupo (toe-paw). The drive from Auckland to Taupo was magnificent. Mountains everywhere. I will post some pics next time. 

We visited the dam wall just outside of Taupo. It is let go 3 times during the day and we walked to the nearest lookout and waiting for the event. It was spectacular!!!

A few days into our trip, hubby and I went with the others to enjoy a Thai meal. We loved it so much that over the remainder of the trip we found 4 other places to dine or take away. Must say, we have a liking for Thai food; and the service was always gracious. 

That is all for today. I will share some more of our trip next week ... Dot

Before I go, it is a special day today for S2.

Happy Birthday!!!