Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hello readers and welcome to Wednesday. Trust you all had a wonderful time over Easter and enjoyed a little break.

Hubby and I headed to our capital (Hobart) and spent 5 wonderful days catching up with family, friends and generally having a relaxed time together.

We allowed ourselves one morning for shopping and did so in the city centre. I picked up some drastically reduced summer pajamas and some wool. 

My 'holiday craft project' was crocheting squares with 4ply printed yarn which I doubled to make them the size I wanted. I love how the colours are coming up. 

I have quite a collection going and am getting 7 squares from each ball of wool. I still have 4 balls to tackle yet which will give me enough squares to make into 2 bags.

On our way home yesterday we called in for a family dinner. When we ventured outside the sunset was set for a picture.

It's nice to be home and enjoy our brew.

Until next week (which will be back to Tuesday) have a great one.

... Dot 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

This AND That

Hi there!!! 

My morning routine has changed over the last couple of weeks. I set up my juicing machine and have been making myself a juice using apples (which I have in abundance) and also some kale or silverbeet along with carrot. This morning I had an orange to add to it. They have been delicious. Hubby is unable to tolerate juice so he is happy with muesli. On the weekends though we enjoy our blueberry pancakes.

During this last week I planted some seeds and set them up at a sunny window. There are 5 rows. From left to right I have planted Kale, Lettuce, Pak Choy, (these are what you see) Parsley and Spring Onion. The last 2 rows are yet to say 'hello'. 

From the garden I have taken the last of the tomatoes. There is still silver beet to use and the strawberries are having a second wind so every couple of days I am able to retrieve a handful. 

There is also a whole bed of potatoes which is starting to dry off. I did not pinch any chats so we should get a few meals from there. 

Once these babies are fully grown they will go outside into beds which are waiting for them. 

We have seen some pretty pinky/peach sunsets lately. 

Easter is coming up this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful few days and are able to catch up with family and friends.

... Dot 

Ps: I won't be back until next Wednesday. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

This is funny

Good morning and welcome to my blog.

I popped down town last week as mentioned, and surprised myself at how I have gained confidence in not taking the 'said item' with me to buy accessories. I picked some buttons, brought them home and look!!!

They match beautifully. 

Now this is funny ...

Hubby's sister (Fuzzy)has been home to spend a few days with her parents and she sent through some texts to me asking us out for tea. I confirmed and heard no more and but gathered that tea would be served about 6.30.

Hubby was late home but we arrived out there on time and as we walked through the back door we heard cutlery. We looked at each other and commented "they have started without us", which they never do. 

On opening the slide door to the kitchen they spotted us and mayhem erupted. Fuzzy had sent texts through which I did not receive (I still have not received them); mum had cooked a hot lunch and so they were having toast for tea.

We were keen to have the same, but mum produced frozen meals, we declined, Hubby said we would just go back home, Fuzzy rung the local store to see if they would cook fish and chips (they were closed), mum pulled out frozen hamburgers, we declined, then she got in and put frozen fish and chips into the oven and made a small salad. 

Meanwhile we sat and enjoyed a piece of toast and jam and the laughter continued.

When we were served our meals, Dad sung out to mum 'wifey, I would like a chip'. 

He was happy with his chip. Goodness me!!!

The evening continued with going through old photos and we had a wonderful time together. 

Tonight, all the family are gathering out home for dinner as Dad turned 85 today. Wow!!!

We are in for another great night ... Dot :-)

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Hello and thanks for popping by.

Recently I have spent most of my time upstairs and hardly venture down to my studio. The mending is piling up again down there and I have quite a few things to complete. We have a long weekend coming up so I might have to put in some sewing. 

In my 'favorite corner' I have been making Mandalas. They are such fun to do. I purchased some Drops Paris yarn which is 100% cotton and it has proved to be a delight to work with. The colours are rich and beautiful. 

At the dining table, I am getting to the end of the Luxury 10ply yarn. I am doing a cushion cover and with the last of the yarn scraps I might do some mini pom poms for the corners. 

Tonight for dessert I am making an apple pie to go with dinner. I still have lots of apples and plan to get out my juicer next week and make some fresh juices for breakfast and serve a glass with a piece of toast.

While sitting here in my office this morning, I heard a bird through the open window and spotted a parrot making a meal of the red berries on this shrub. 'Hello!!'

Need to pop down town shortly. On my list is to find some buttons for the cushion cover.

Enjoy making ... Dot

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Good morning readers.

This morning I headed out for a walk and met up with D2 (daughter 2) and we ventured out for a lengthy walk which included a little jogging along the way. 

There are still plenty of caravans parked down by the river. In fact there are several places they have been parking and enjoying our little town.

As you can see by the water there was a bit of wind. These ducks ventured out.

Around further, these guys were thinking about it.

On my way home. 

This week I picked a bucket of apples from a tree that fruits later. We have been enjoying these ones in smoothies. They have a sweet/tart flavour. There are still plenty left on the tree.

These are the first pick of granny smiths. I planted this tree a few years ago. There are still a few small ones left on the tree which I will collect next week. These ones I have been using in our CADA for breakfast. 

Don't forget to change your calendars ... Dot