Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Hello everyone. I am home again in Tassie and enjoying the beautiful weather here. I have been to Cairns to help D3 and her hubby pack up there apartment to enable them to relocate.

D3 had received a nice flower arrangement when she had her last day at work. When I turned up it was on the way to the bin but one beautiful flower was still on show. Gorgeous colour!

The fridge was full of leftovers that I was pulled in to help eat. She is a wonderful cook and makes recipes with lots of flavor. This was no nice I had it twice. Lamb Rogan Josh served with rice, fresh coriander and poppadoms.

D2 treated us both with an hour facial. Divine!

After the removalists had left we got into the cleaning which we thought we would get done in 2 hours. Double that. It was spotless and we were happy. (this window could not be reached outside so it had to be cleaned from the inside and with nothing to stand on; where there is a will there is a way)

By the end of the week my nails were a mess so I treated myself to Shellac nails. 

We stayed a couple of nights at Northern Beaches. D3 and I went for a nice walk along the boulevard and on the way back ...

... down came the rain. A group of us waited under the shelter for at least 20 mins then it was ok to head back to our quarters. 

We collected Poppi from the airport and that evening we went out to Thai for dinner.

The meal was beautifully presented and very tasty. 

Pop by next week when I will take you on the road.

It's good to be back... Dot 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Thank You

D2 accompanied me to an Autumn garden party over the weekend and the local nursery blessed us with a colourful plant along with our purchases. (I wonder if she has planted hers yet)

Thank you hubby for fixing my iron. It had stopped working in the middle of the last lot of ironing. He had a little fiddle with it and away she went. 

Hubby joined me for a walk on Sunday morning. It was a great start to a wonderful day. 

I am thankful that we have a beautiful river to walk around and it is different all the time. 

Thank you for popping by. I won't be here for a couple of weeks; in the meantime be thankful for all the little things. They are everywhere.

... Dot

ps. Today I plan to get outside and plant that plant. It is sitting at the back door to remind me.