Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The duck took advantage of the water laying where it is not usually found. 

Hope you enjoyed my pics ... Dot 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Winter Soltice

It's hard to believe that we have already made it the shortest day of the year. We cannot complain. The temperatures are low, very low, and we need to rug up with layers, but the sun has been shining bright most days and it makes it feel alright. 

We have been enjoying hot soup and I finally got into making some soup savers. It means when I go to grab our soup from the microwave, I don't burn my hands and it helps to keep the soup warm. Win win. 

Hubby and I were deciding last week if we should put our electric blanket back on our bed. We didn't get around to it but I did make us some heat packs. I put a pretty patch on mine and we both still need to remember to heat them up before bed. 

All went to plan to make this dolly carrier set for my grand daughter who turned 5 recently. I thought the post would get there by the day but it was the day after which was fine. We skyped on her birthday and again the following day where we were able to see her open the family gifts. Such a joy. 

Be happy, keep smiling and enjoy the season you are in ... Dot

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My online shop

Hi Everyone

Great news!!! My online shop has finally been unveiled. My darling hubby has been hard at work building me an online shop every spare moment and I am pleased to say that is there for you to check out. 

In the lounge room I have been making some hats. I have made a few for females but the last few I have been keeping the males in mind. And, no, I do not knit and step at the same time. I find it hard to keep my balance at the best of times.

I have been building up my stock of finger-less mittens. With the weather cooler now I find I am wearing mine every time I venture out. They look great with freshly manicured nails and they allow you to still have the use of your fingers. 

Anyhow, my daughter flies home tomorrow. It has been very nice to have her here (and her hubby when he could make it) and I must say again, I love my family and our times together. 

Pop onto my shop and let me know what you think ... Dot 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Four Things

Hi friends and family.
June is scooting along and our state has had some serious rainfall. On the north here we have not been hit so hard as the rest of the state. We certainly hope and trust that those who are missing will be found and that there will not be any more bad news to be heard.

1. It was time to trim hubby's hair. I set up and waited.

2. To the left, while I waited, I noticed the paddock next door was covered with cute pink flowers.

3. And to the right a tad, there were a couple of cattle grazing.

4. Over the weekend was beautiful weather to get outside.

Until next week...Dot