Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Something I know for sure, Silver beet grows well here in Tasmania.

I planted a punnet of seedlings MONTHS ago and they have been producing beautiful deep green leaves ever since and still going strong. We have used them in fresh juice, soup, on pizza, vegi mash, salad mix and smoothie. I want to incorporate this yummy green into a pie so I have been putting some ideas together and added it to the meal plan for the next week. We try to have greens in our diet everyday. Today so far we have consumed barley green, grapes, beans, and cabbage. For dinner we are having peas, avocado with lime. 

Here at home we are blessed with the supply of fresh eggs coming our way as we need them. The hub of the home goes through 1-2 dozen a week. Imagine my surprise this week when I was about the poach some for my breakfast (hubby had his scrambled) ....

... a double-yoker. For me they are rare, so I was tickled to find one. I always break my eggs into a glass as I often have to scrape something out that I don't want in there. Fussy, I know, but more often it is a piece of shell. Ooooh!!!

This is how they turned out and once seasoned they were delicious.

I was about to head out today and looked across the yard to find that 2 black chickens had decided to see how greener it was on the other side. They pecked about for a while and made their way back home behind the shed. No, our supply is close-by but not that close. 

Cinerarias are popping their colours up all over the garden. 

Have a great week ... Dot :-) 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Honk Honk

The horn on hubby's little car has not been working for quite some time. Recently he ordered a replacement and it arrived in the mail. He pointed out to me this morning that on the side of it it says 'LOW'. The original sound of the horn was hi-pitched and now apparently it is going to be low. Oh the thought. 
I am trusting for fine weather at the weekend for him to install it and we will see what change the little Smart will make to draw our attention. 

Last night we skyped D1 for her birthday. She was on her own as her family were elsewhere but those of us on the other end enjoyed a nice family chat together; always with some laughs. 

On my walk this morning. There was a clear window to get out as the showers starting happening when I returned. Still a nice day in between the rain. 

Today I tried a new recipe I have had kept aside for a while. I have made a cauliflower based pizza in the past and it was ok but this one is definitely the best.

Here is the recipe:

500g cauliflower, processed to look like couscous.
100g grated parmesan
100g almond meal
1 Tb psyllium husk
2 eggs

Mix these ingredients altogether and place on a tray lined with baking paper and press down fit. Bake in moderate oven for about 30mins or until nice and brown.

You can take it out of the oven now and keep to use later. Store in the fridge or freezer.

When ready to use, heat oven to 200 degrees. Top with your favourite toppings and bake for 10mins or so. 

I'm off to have some pizza with hot soup ... Dot 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Weed and Feed

As Spring is here it is time to weed and feed outside. I have been filling up the weekly wheelie bin with weeds and over the weekend weeded my vegie patch ready to put some mulch around this week. We want to get the whipper snipper out but the regrowth is nice and green and we don't want to spoil it. We are going to turn our attention to cleaning the concrete and washing the windows.

Hubby did a great job with the 'weed 'n feed' spray for the the lawn. The hose connector had to be held in place and by the time he finished he was wet through. I checked the lawn today and can see that it is working. 

A family member received this for his birthday this week. I crocheted him a Gentlemen's Scarf in his favourite colour. I enjoyed making this as it was crocheted longways. As the pattern developed I was happy how it turned out. 

 I had to share this with you. I was knitting away aware that I was coming to the end of the ball (it was underneath the chair) and sort of distracted with the television and then ... ooh .. ran out of wool, just at the right time with enough tail to tie on the next ball. Those who knit would understand the bother of running out mid-row.

Out our window one evening. 

Have a great week ... Dot 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Hello. It is day 4 of a new month and I managed a walk in between the showers. There is water lying everywhere in huge puddles.

I have just finished my breakfast. Today it was CADA. Now that the weather is warming up and there can be more fresh fruit around, we are enjoying this more.  It's so easy to make and you can change it to suit how you like it.

C: coconut A: apple D: dates A: almonds

Planning ahead: I always have Medjool dates, apples and greek yoghurt in the fridge. These keep for weeks in there, just keep an eye on the date of the yoghurt.

On the shelf I keep almonds and shredded coconut. 

All I need to do is make sure I have some fresh fruit on hand.

In the processor (my TM) I place an apple (quartered and core removed), handful almonds and coconut and 3 large dates (stoned). This may not look much but it's enough for two. "Blitz" 2 or 3 times and serve in bowls.

This is what it should look like.

Add yoghurt and fresh fruit. I make hubby's first and I put mine in the fridge for later. When I make my bowl up I put the yoghurt on last and spread it across the fruit and cada. This keeps it fresh. 

Once you stir and taste it, if you find it is not sweet enough add some maple syrup. We add maple when we use sourer apples. It helps a lot with the taste.
For example: if you use granny smith add some maple and the CADA takes on a new taste. yum!!

So what are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

Enjoy your week ... Dot