Tuesday, 9 May 2017

this and that


My month is going well so far. It's late in the day as I had a long hairdresser appointment this morning. I have a new look. I will update my profile during the week. 

Dinner is in the oven baking and I thought I would just put up a post as the sun goes down.

It has been a glorious day here today. No wind and there were folk sitting around the streets of town taking in the sun (and vitamin D to go with). What more could you ask for in the last month of Autumn. We have a few more days like this to look forward to this week.

This light is on loan to me to use when I am knitting or whatever. It has been handy in the evening, but also I have had a few early early mornings and so I put this on to start the day without turning all the lights on. Must be part of this new season of life. I enjoy it though. 

I can smell the vegies being baked so better shut the office down and move down into the warm. 

Until next time, keep well ... Dot 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

MAY, my month

On my post last week, I mentioned these little jackets. I have made a few to sell. The cherry one is made with luxury cotton and the cream one has alpaca in the mix. They are nice and soft. Of course, I used a 'dotty' button to finish them. 

This month is my month as I get to celebrate Mother's Day, my birthday and at the end of it I fly to Adelaide to be with my daughter who is having her first baby. I am really looking forward to all this month holds.

I have lots to do and I have not made a list to share with you as it is all in my head. So, I need to keep moving and making-it-happen!!!

Today I tried a new breakfast. All the ingredients for this 'Up and Go' get thrown into the blender and oh my, it is delicious and filling. I won't need my second coffee until lunchtime. Here is the recipe:

2 tb nut butter (I used peanut butter)
2 tb chia seeds
1/4 cup coconut cream (leftovers of can are in the fridge for next time)
1 ts vanilla
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 tb sweetener

Mmmm!!! Creamy!

The weather is cooler and time to pull out all those woolly accessories. I am making some cowls and using, for the first time, a 10mm hook. Lot's of fun!

Until next week, keep well ... Dot 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Good Together

This is the spot where many things go good together. Eat,drink and be merry!!! In the morning (at the moment it is after my morning walk and stretch), I set myself up with breakfast, coffee or tea and check emails, play games etc. It helps me not to eat too fast and I can plan the day too as my diary is not far away. Hubby found me a mini keyboard. It is cordless and when I need to type it only needs turning on and away I go. Wonderful!

Today I passed a level. Whoohoo! 

This week I made a little jacket to suit a 0-3 month baby. I had to start it a few times as I did not have big enough stitch markers and was using bent paperclips. D2 came up last night with her tool kit, beads and wire and made me up some super markers that work well with my size 71/2 needles. I am a happy chappy and they are so cute. 

On my walk lately. The ducks were on the edge of the bank thinking 'will I?' or won't I?'.

We have a holiday here again today. Anzac Day for Australia and New Zealand.

Have a wonderful week ... Dot  

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Break

On Good Friday, we went over to a service held at the base of the Stanley Nut. Midday way through the service half of the huge crowd followed the cross up to the top of the nut. It was a nice sunny day and great outing.

Mr. Fix-it got his whipper-snipper to work and used it at home and down at D2's home. While there he fixed her water filter and hand held vacuum cleaner.

These are some blue dish cloths I made.

The Pram blanket is coming along slowly. It has now moved from the dining table to the lounge room where every few rows I lay it out to check. I have had to unravel twice now (Grrr!).  If I apply myself carefully I should have it finished in a day or 2.

I am absolutely loving my coffees. I now make them with watered-down cream which I froth in the jug and add to a double shot espresso and stir in a small teaspoon of Xylitol. Delicious. 

This afternoon hubby and I travelled up the coast and there was a fire out there somewhere. Looks like there was some burning off being done, and the sky really changed because of it.

We saw this movie. Action packed, but good. We followed this by having Thai for dinner and made our way home.

Trust you all had a safe and happy Easter. Back to routine tomorrow and into the sewing studio.

... Dot 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

April Apply

And here it is!!!  April is here and I really need to apply myself to have a few things completed by the 29th. 

Today my darling hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. This list's colourway depicts pretty well those we chose for our special day many years ago.

We are off to 'the movies' later today and I made some Spicy Nut Mix to go. It's not very spicy but yummy. (taste testing is the right of the cook)

Yesterday I whipped up a Baked Raspberry Cheesecake. It's living in the fridge and will be enjoyed over the next few days. 

One morning this week, there were folk coming from both directions and a huge group of ducks decided they wanted to cross the road. 

They usually take flight, but they stuck to running as fast as they could. 

Waddle waddle!!!

Trust you all have a wonderful and safe Easter and get to enjoy some relaxation. 

Dot :-)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How did I go?

Hello. What do you think? Isn't this peaceful? This was taken on my early morning walk. I say early, as it was. With the clocks being turned back over the weekend the sun is up just after 6.30, so I have adjusted the alarm to get up for a walk before my first coffee. The town is less busy and a few people are about walking with their dogs and the air is crisp but beautiful. 

Well, how did I go in March? 

- Mini Quilt (in progress)

- bunnies (half done)

- pram blanket (nearly half done)
- I deleted the wrap as it was not a pattern that I took to with ease.
- I put up the baby jacket last week
- baby bag (has not been started, but there is April)
- I made myself a skirt but have not worn yet, will post a pic if the weather stays warm.

Some of the 'hat's galore' that I knitted in March. Beautiful colours and in time for Mother's Day.

So what is planned for April?

Pop by next week and I will share with you ... Dot 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


This Cinnamon Bun just came out of the oven and the smell was divine. After it cools I spread a cream cheese mixture across the top and slice it into 8 pieces. It serves very well for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I keep it in the fridge as it is gone in a few days.

Once a week I clean the loos and basins. We have 3 loos, 3 basins and the laundry and kitchen sinks. I use Pine-O-clene for most of the cleaning and the place smells nice after it. 

This is a new muesli/granola I made. I had to stay around the oven to turn every 4 minutes as the coconut can burn. It was well worth the effort. We have been enjoying it for breakfast served with yoghurt and berries.

This dinner consisted of a pizza meal. Everything was thrown into a casserole dish and baked. Certainly a different way to serve pizza but was delicious and filling.

The mornings are cooler now. When on my morning walk sometimes I wear my jacket and other times I brave the cool air. It does not take long to warm up and makes for a wonderful start to the day. 

Trust your days are filled with pleasant aromas... Dot

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hi there!! It has been nice to sit outside and 'do stuff'. More often than not it is much cooler out there than indoors. We are not sure how long this will last, but are lapping it up while we can.

With 10 days of the month left, I can report that progress throughout March has been productive. I have had the incentive to keep to the list and enjoying what I am doing.

This was finished yesterday. A little boys cardi for a 6-12mth old. 

The Pram Blanket is off to a good start. I hope to have that finished.

Apples are falling off our trees so today I will be making apple sauce and putting some in the freezer to make into future Cinnamon Buns for breakfasts. Yummo!

That's it for another week. Be good and keep smiling...Dot 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017



For today's blog I decided to take a weeks worth of horizon pics from my dining room window at 7.45pm each evening. At the start of the week sunset was a little after 8pm and I thought I would get some lovely sunsets so chose to take them 15mins prior. Turns out to be very interesting and tonight already the time for sunset is set at 7.43. The days are getting shorter ... fast.

8th March

9th March

10th March

Up the coast this evening

12th March

13th March

I love the cloud formations. There's an idea for another post. I wonder how may different formations could be found it I took to time to look up?

Food for thought! ... Dot 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

'Make it' March

Hello. I thought I would give you a look at my planned list for March. I will have to keep onto it as there are some major things to do. A week has gone by and there is some progress on a few items. There are spots set up for work in the bedroom chair, dining room table and in my favourite corner.

This week I got out into my vegi patch and planted some seedlings. This lettuce will be red and green. Will look nice on the plate.

We are always using spring onions and zucchini, so I planted some. The garden should be flourishing in a few weeks. I am also having a go at mini cauliflower. The white moths are flying about so I have to keep an eye on the young plants.

Tomorrow is cleaning day and today has been Tidy Tuesday. I started at one end of the home and now have to tuck into my corner. It is really untidy and has been for a while. Wonder if anyone will notice when they call in later today?

Short and sweet  ... Dot 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Finish!!! Feb

Hello. It's the last day of the month and last day of Summer. But wouldn't you know, Autumn came a little early this year. We have had some gorgeous days with the temperature climbing to the 20's, little or no breeze and so we are able to get outside like we did over the weekend and enjoy and lap it up. 

Hubby had just completed whipper snipping before he sat down to have his breakfast. I made up a Cinnamon Bun, cut it into 8 slices and serve it with a coffee for Breakfast. So we have had it for breakfast the last few days and tomorrow it will be eggs. 

I plan! And February was my 'Finish!!! Feb' month. It does not look like I did much (laugh) but in reality, where did the month go?

I tried my hardest not to 'start' something new and just to complete an item. I am wondering if I have a problem? I will have to have another month like this where I get in and pull out those UFO's and have a blitz. In the meantime, I am getting that selection ready for the new bub in June. There have been issues in getting the 3rd and 4th set of booties done, so hopefully there will be progress next month. 

As per my list, I completed Teddy for 'bub-to-be'. He has been adored by anyone who finds him here and he is just waiting for those first cuddles and for them to be continued for many years to come. 

Well that's it for my blog today. I trust your next month and new season will be extra special and delightful. ... Dot