Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Welcome to the week of Christmas. We have had our local towns parade and this year I noticed that the end of it met the beginning again. They go around the CBD twice each year and often there is a wait before the start comes around again. There was plenty to see and the parade was well supported.

Minions again.

Peppa Pig noticed someone they knew on the street, so run to greet them on the way past.

Our church pastor has always taken part and each year you wait to see what creative idea he has put his family into making.

This clever boy has taken after his grandfather and pedals well around the streets.

Have a soft spot for the beetle. Very cute!!

And security was in place. I am pretty sure everyone was well behaved. The town was out in droves, as the norm, and excitement filled the air. 

And this morning it was a little overcast, windy and the tide was out. Never mind, I came home, put the Christmas music cranking, made a coffee and sat down here to meet with you.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. Keep safe and happy! Remember the reason for the season. Bless you ... Dot :-) 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

In the craft corner

Good day!!! The warmer weather has arrived and folk are out in the summer gear. I thought I had better make up some more little girls dresses and so have made a few sizes in different colours. Not one of my dresses has been the same. It is a lot of fun making each one unique.

There is also one hanging in the shop window.

I crocheted a Soap Saver.

I also crocheted this cowl for a gift. I wouldn't mind getting one for myself. It is such a gorgeous colour, in fact I have added it to my 'wish list'. 

This morning I sewed the buttons onto this size 2 block cardigan. It is made with cotton yarn and so is soft to touch. 

Over the weekend hubby and I went for a drive with a picnic lunch in tow and pulled up at 'edge of the world' for coffee. We had to make the coffee in the car as it was windy out and there was a shower of rain coming over.

Christmas Day is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Dot :-)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Garden Plus

Hello. We have been having some lovely weather and the evenings have enticed me to get out into the garden. The seeds I raised indoors, in egg cartons, have been moved out somewhere in the garden. 

In the meantime, over the weekend I was gifted some seedlings from a friend who had an abundance of them. In the mix was aloe vera, mint, celery and tomatoes. I am excited to see how they will all fair and what I can bring to the table over summer. I am not sure how to grow celery so will have to do some research. 

Hubby and I have been out a couple of times for evening walks. We have had a few days of rain which was well received.

I am trying out some new herbal teas. This 'three mint' one was the first one to try. Very nice!

On the menu for lunch today were seed crackers. This is the second time around I have made them and I thinned them out more which made them nice and crispy. We had them with soup and dip.

Next week I will share with you a few things I have been doing in the craft corner. 

See you then ... Dot 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

It's nearly Christmas

Yes, Christmas is nearly here! And we are keeping this pretty plate on the table to put the latest 'little extras' for meal time. This day, D2 had made up some red velvet cakes topped with cream cheese. Yummo. 

It has been nice to get out either before or after dinner in the evening. I transplanted some zucchini plants that were grown indoors in egg cartons.

Along the fence I planted some Marigold seedlings. This will be pretty when they are in bloom.

The garden is a 'work in progress'. Indoors I am trying my hand at raising basil, kale, lettuce, tomato and parsley. 

The real and not-real. The tide was in today and there were ducks everywhere on this corner.

Trust your preparations are going well and you can relax ... Dot 


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Use up

Hello and welcome to another post. Today I want to talk about using up 'stuff'. There comes a time in the kitchen when you NEED to use up something before it either hits the 'use by' date (which is more the norm here) or you have just ran out of room in your pantry and need to down size a little.

We have had a few too many walnuts, so where I would normally use almonds in our pancakes, I replaced them with walnuts and wow, did they taste different but GOOD. (We still have walnuts.

Behind our Thermomix, against the wall, there is a line up of Kale powder, Maca powder, coconut flakes and more than two lots of protein powder. So we have been having smoothies, all flavours, most mornings for the last couple of weeks. As the weather is warmer it is welcome for breakfast. 

Last week I pulled out my cotton supplies and have been making some lighter weight snoods for summer.

This one I completed today is made of beautiful bits and pieces of merino soft yarn. 

That's it for another week. I was late posting today as half way through my laptop needed to be scanned. Took nearly 5 hours to do so. 

Have a great week ... Dot 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Out and About

We are enjoying and taking the benefit of Daylight Savings. Hubby gets home from work and off we go for a walk. He likes to take a different track each time and so it has made it very interesting, hand in hand. 

He had a birthday this week and we were invited to his mums for dinner. She had silver-side, vegetables and dessert.  I made Ginger Cups to go with dessert. 

Yesterday hubby collected me to go with him to a nearby town as he had a job for work to do. I went for a walk. It was very windy but the temperature was a comfortable 17 degrees.  

The thongs came off as I enjoyed a jaunt along the sand. Windy as!!!

After a delicious lunch together we made our way back to town. 

And we have been getting outside and using the deck for coffees and meals. Look at that magnificent Golden Elm in the background. Beautiful!!!

Have a great week. Get up to 'something good', and enjoy life ... Dot 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


While on holiday I tried a new recipe I had with me. Bounty Slice. It is very nice taken from the fridge and enjoyed with a hot drink. 

Hubby and I some early morning walks with our 'fast growing' grandson. G3 loved it too and was all smiles while he was out.

While his daddy and mummy were out, G3 helped Poppi putting together some cabinets. We had been to Ikea and I just loved the place.

We all went out one morning to G3's swimming lesson. He performed very well with his daddy and loved every minute of it. 

The day before we had to board the boat back home we left Adelaide via the back roads. It was gorgeous to travel through for a little over an hour before we hit the freeway. 

It was a smooth trip from Melbourne to Tasmania on the boat and we slept well because of that.  

Back home again and I am slowly getting back into routine. I did something for the first time ever, I unpacked my case when I walked in the door. I usually leave it for a week, but not this time. I don't know what came over me!!!

I will leave you with a pic of this pretty rose. It is part of a circle of standard roses in the front garden of our family.

Have a wonderful week and I will catch up again with you then...Dot

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


We have been having a wonderful holiday. We have one week left to fill in with stuff before we head back home.

Hubby and I enjoyed our breakfast in a warmer environment at Lochiel just outside Adelaide. 

The bridge you cross over as you enter Adelaide is very colourful. This is only a very short part of it.

The same day we arrived in Adelaide, D3 and I went to do the weekly shop and grabbed a cold frappe on the way to supermarket. 

I love baby ducklings. My brother used to raise them on the farm when we were kids. We found some on our walk down by the pond.

My almond pancakes have been made here too. 

It's late and time for bed. Goodnight ...Dot

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


We are having a wonderful time on holiday and welcome back to another addition of our adventures. We weren't long in WA when hubby and I had to visit Esperance for the day.

Poppi has enjoyed time with grand girls ...in the park

... Drone time

We attended the afternoon at the local show which finished with a fantastic display of fireworks.

After a big day I was happy to allow a beautiful little lady lean over to fall asleep on the long trip home. Awwh!!!

Hubby and I have woken early, or at least I have, and so we head off for a walk in the still morning air. Just gorgeous. We were out at 6am and it is easy to do. The sun is up very early which makes it easy to awaken.

Today we are back in South Australia on our way to Adelaide. We have travelled the Nullarbor and thoroughly enjoyed it. We called into The Bight along with many others. It is certainly a 'jaw dropper'.

Good night. We are off again tomorrow for some more adventures. 

See you next week, thanks  ...Dot