Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Finish!!! Feb

Hello. It's the last day of the month and last day of Summer. But wouldn't you know, Autumn came a little early this year. We have had some gorgeous days with the temperature climbing to the 20's, little or no breeze and so we are able to get outside like we did over the weekend and enjoy and lap it up. 

Hubby had just completed whipper snipping before he sat down to have his breakfast. I made up a Cinnamon Bun, cut it into 8 slices and serve it with a coffee for Breakfast. So we have had it for breakfast the last few days and tomorrow it will be eggs. 

I plan! And February was my 'Finish!!! Feb' month. It does not look like I did much (laugh) but in reality, where did the month go?

I tried my hardest not to 'start' something new and just to complete an item. I am wondering if I have a problem? I will have to have another month like this where I get in and pull out those UFO's and have a blitz. In the meantime, I am getting that selection ready for the new bub in June. There have been issues in getting the 3rd and 4th set of booties done, so hopefully there will be progress next month. 

As per my list, I completed Teddy for 'bub-to-be'. He has been adored by anyone who finds him here and he is just waiting for those first cuddles and for them to be continued for many years to come. 

Well that's it for my blog today. I trust your next month and new season will be extra special and delightful. ... Dot

Tuesday, 21 February 2017



There are good and bad habits and I hope that most of mine are good or at least reasonably good. 

As soon as I leave my bedroom each morning and pop into the kitchen the coffee machine is switched on and after having a large glass of water I settle into that morning kick of caffeine. Mmm. Once upon a time, many moons ago, I used to have quite a few cups of coffee in a day (instant, oh no) but now normally stick to 2 x yummy freshly homemade brew. What bliss!!

In our home we nearly always eat at the table. I love to set it up nicely and enjoy the time alone or with others. My pixel is set up in front of me and on this occasion I was going to set into painting my nails. So while doing so, I watched a movie on Netflix. (I was on my own after the meal)

And, I just can't help myself. I had cream and strawberries to use up and so after searching online found a Low Carb sponge cake. It was delicious. 

Now I am off to make some more Gingerbread Cheesecakes. I think I will make a double batch this time. 

Keep up the good habits, hee hee ... Dot :-)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day

For my Valentine I made an icecream cake. The bottom layer was cooked in the oven, middle layer had raspberries in it (had, it is all gone) and topped with ganache. The day I made it we had a small slice late that night but once the cake was really frozen through we found it was best left out for an hour or so. It kept its form well and the flavours were more developed. So, next time, hee hee.

I commenced making a few scalloped-edged scarves in different colours.

No 2 out of 4 sets of booties is complete. 

I came across a recipe that called for Dill Pickle and after checking 'google' I found you can make them at home. So when I went shopping to my delight I found mini cucumbers on special. They are sitting in the fridge for a couple of days before we can try them. 

It does not take much to put a healthy and creative meal together if you have the supplies on hand. I found a packet of haloumi cheese in the fridge and I had made a jar of sprouts, steamed some broccoli and I had baked some Fetta rolls a day or two ago. Mmmm ... Leftovers Plus. 

Have a wonderful day ... Dot 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Hello. I made another Camembert pie and I left it for at least 15mins before breaking it open. It was much better this time around but I could leave for longer as I had to quickly transfer it to the plate.

I apologise in advance for all the food pics I am about to share with you. I found that I had a need for some things sweet and so we went all out and satisfied our cravings.

These Gingerbread Cheesecakes were a real hit when we enjoyed them with guests last Thursday. There were a few leftover but quickly grabbed by those who wanted to have later. (I was one)

These Mixes are turning out to be a real treat. I will be making another up today. I find that after a few days I have a little cream, yoghurt and cream cheese leftovers so I throw them all in the processor and mix with lemon rind and little sugar substitute. I then arrange in a glass bowl or tumbler with fresh fruit and shredded coconut. After leaving for a few hours in the fridge they go down very well for dessert.

D2 was given some lovely fresh blueberries from an acquaintance at work. We have been wanting to try a cheesecake so we found a Low Carb recipe to use and she baked one.

The base was made of dessicated coconut etc and baked first. After it had cooled the filling was made up of yummy cream cheese, eggs etc. and baked again. It had to cool completely in the fridge overnight. 

And we have been eating it for days. Next time I will freeze some if I don't have someone around to help eat it. But, it was delicious!!!

Be good, I will try ... Dot